Before you want to start with sharing content it is important to have the right content strategy. You have to ask yourself questions like: What goal do I want to reach with my content, who will make use of my content and what is my tone of voice?

Setting up a thorough content strategy answers all these questions. A solid content strategy give you all helps you come up with relevant content that your target audience would love to consume.

Customer personas for your Content Strategy

The most important thing is knowing your target audience. You have to know what content they like the most. When making content it is important to keep the target audience in mind, always ask yourself: would they like this content?

Creating a customer persona is the easiest way to have a clear view on your target audience. A customer persona is a fictional person that you make up. This fictional person is one of your customers, it has it’s dreams, fears and questions like a real person.

There are several customer persona templates that you can find online. When making this it is important to have a clear view about your target audience. Make sure that you have more than 1 customer persona and the bigger your business, the more customer personas you need.

What channels do they use?

Now that you have a good view on who your customers are, what their questions are and what content they like, it is important to know what social media channels they mostly use. It is widely known that the youngest generation doesn’t use Facebook anymore because they spend their time on Snapchat. And Linkedin is mostly used by people for professional purposes, this makes LinkedIn very interesting for business 2 business content.

When you know what channels are best to distribute your content, it also gives you a good understanding of what type of content will be best to use. YouTube is obviously only for video and Instagram is a photo-based application, this is also the case for Snapchat. This means that every channel need their own optimized content to have the biggest impact.


When you are making content, you have to do this with a certain goal in mind. There can be multiple reasons to start with content creation. Maybe you want more visits to your website, or you want to stay on top of mind, but you can also make content to generate more sales. So it doesn’t matter what goals you have in mind, as long as you have at least one goal in mind when you make the content.

Let’s make a breakdown of all the goals that you want to reach with your content:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Interaction / comments
  • Top of Mind
  • Website visits
  • Sales
  • Downloads
  • Email Opt-in
  • Show thought leadership

This list above shows that there can be multiple goals that you can have with your content. All these type of goals require different types of content. More website visits, downloads or email opt-ins really require the people to take action. How do you trigger these people to go all the way to your website and hit that email opt-in button.

If you want more likes, shares and comments it is important to have content that triggers people’s emotions. You will read more about this in the types of content categories that you can choose for your content strategy.

The content is the thing that must trigger your target audience, so make sure you use the right content to reach the goal that you want.

Content Categories

All the online content can be put in a certain category. Before you start creating content, you have to ask yourself for which category you are going to make the content. Below you can see a list of content categories that are mostly used online:

  • Emotion
  • Humor
  • Interactive
  • Informative
  • Human
  • Visual
  • Creative

As I said earlier, not every content category suits every goal that you may want to achieve. Informative content can be interesting for people to share and a good trigger to opt-in for a newsletter. But on the other side is emotional content not the best way to trigger a sale.

That’s why it is important to ask yourself which content category fits the best with the target audience and the goals that you set for the content.

Tone of Voice

The Tone of Voice is another important aspect of your content. The tone of voice creates a stronger connection between you and your target audience. Therefore it is very important to know what the tone of voice is of your target audience.

If you are in business 2 business, your tone of voice is likely more formal with lots of jargon. But if your customers are young kids, then a formal tone of voice would not work at all. Talking the same language as your target audience creates a stronger connection.

What questions do they have?

People are always online to search for answers. Whether it is a question about your products, the news or relationship troubles, people all ask them online. If you are specialized in something it could be interesting to give answers to questions that people may have.

You can do this by making content that you can spread on social media with a nice visual and a short bit of copy. But you can also write a blog or setup a Frequently Asked Questions page op (FAQ).

If you can give an in depth answer on questions that people have, then that can draw a lot of traffic to your website. As a brand it also shows ‘thought leadership’, in other words: it shows that you are an expert in a certain type of field. This makes you the place to go for answers to questions in a certain industry. Giving answers to questions that people have also gives you good rankings on Google. People usually don’t know where to go for answers, therefore they always go to Google and they type in their exact question. If you have an article that gives an in-depth answer to that question, it is most likely to rank high on Google. This is another good reason to think of questions that your target audience may have.

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