How to create Buyer Persona

For a digital marketing agency, addressing the right group of target audience is very important, as it saves time and effort that would be lost irretrievably if targeted at the wrong buyer category. For this purpose it is beneficial to create Buyer Personas — fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers.

With the creation of buyer personas, it becomes easier to understand the needs and expectations of customers and tailor marketing approaches accordingly. When the buyer’s journey stage is taken into consideration along with the persona, content and other ideas targeted at the customer can be highly focused. Establishing buyer personas for your company helps segment your target audience. Segmentation helps you deliver the right content to the right audience, which generates higher engagement and more leads.

In order to create true buyer personas one can use market research data and/or interviews of the actual customer base. Data and feedback from sales teams, website forms etc. can give critical information that can be used to create buyer personas.

Negative personas are those profiles that you do NOT want in your target customers. They are the ones that are not influenced by your sales/marketing efforts; hence it is important to know their types also.

HubSpot has done a lot of research on the profiles and uses of creating personas. We’ve presented only a few of the ideas here. For more detailed explanation of why customer personas matter and for simple guidelines and templates for effortless creation of personas for your business, download this invaluable resource: the eBook on How to Create Buyer Personas. Grab your free ecopy now!

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