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Welcome back to the Leap Year, where I share helpful tips on how you can finally take the “Leap” and pursue and discover what you are passionate about in the face of everyday challenges. In W32, I learned the importance of being 100% committed.

I highlighted in W31 the importance of having a specific plan or using the Implementation Intentions strategy when you know you will be faced with a stressful situation in advance. Furthermore, how powerful it is when you use the strategy multiple times to ensure you will follow through.

I have actually been doing this for the last couple of weeks, as I have had to use multiple Implementation Intentions to complete the weekly task. In previous weeks, I would stress about this and even though I would complete the weekly task later on, I would still feel frustrated and disappointed I did not complete it on the original set time.

Now, I am much more at ease with not completing the weekly task on the first scheduled time, as I know I have built in measures to ensure I will still complete it later on in the week. In W32, I actually did not complete the weekly task until Saturday morning, which would have stressed me out in previous weeks.

This brings me to a big learning, which is an answer to one of the biggest questions I wanted to answer before I started my Leap Year process.

How can I pursue and discover what I am passionate about in the face of everyday challenges?

I had no idea how I would do this while balancing being a husband, new father, working from 8–5, and attending to all the other little challenges life presented me on a daily basis.

I have learned through weeks of experimentation that the easy answer is to be 100% COMMITTED to your meaningful tasks, ie Leap Year process.

Is this easy? No, and there have been times when I did not feel I could complete the weekly task, but the key is I did. Furthermore, it has become easier as I have learned strategies to help me overcome the obstacles which life presents me on a daily basis. For example, I had to use the Implementation Intention strategy at least three times before I completed the weekly task.

Being 100% committed to something, cultivates discipline, which in turn leads you to freedom. Take for example eating healthy, if you are 100% committed, then you will be disciplined in eating healthy foods and exercising. You will be free from the temptation to gorge yourself on fried foods or other non-healthy habits if done consistently over time. This allows you to experience freedom from these vices.

However, being 99% committed gives you the tiniest of opportunities to look for excuses. The problem is when a little doubt comes in, a lot more follows. It is similar to one small crack in a damn holding a large amount of water back. Once it starts to leak, the whole damn collapses.

The gist of what I am trying to say is cultivating being 100% committed to the meaningful tasks in your life. This will allow you to foster discipline and experience freedom in your life.



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