For Roku Channel Publishers.

It sounded so easy — launch a Roku channel, integrate advertising, then sit back and watch the ad revenue checks roll in as the channel grows. But then you got that first check …and it wasn’t as much as you thought it would be.

Turns out, the video advertising network you’re using is only filling (at best) HALF of your ad breaks. That means, for every 100 ad breaks your viewers see, only 50 of them are getting filled. The other 50 are lost forever — CASH MONEY lost forever…

The average fill-rate for the “big” advertising networks is running at 40–60% filled. That’s 60–40% unfilled, people.

What’s worse is you thought you were getting $10 or $12 CPM or better, but if only HALF your ad breaks are getting filled, you’re technically only earning HALF the CPMs — $5 to $6 instead.

This is what I call fill-rate dilution.

Now that we’ve established that you’re only earning about HALF of what you should be, let me tell you how to DOUBLE that so you can at least be earning what you should be.

The first step is to sign-up for AdNexxt — — we’re the ONLY Roku video advertising network that actually guarantees you a 100% fill rate. How do we do it?

While the other ad networks all bid on the same ads from the same ad providers, AdNexxt sources it’s own advertisers. This allows us greater flexibility in setting prices and payouts.

AdNexxt offers THREE distinct advertising programs:

  1. Streaming ads (just like the other ad networks) that pay per ad view, anywhere from $5 to $15CPM based on your channel content and ad demand.
  2. Performance-based (or “per inquiry”) ads that pay per order or per lead. Usually it’s either a set fee for a lead or a percentage of an order. This can add up fast, and AdNexxt is the ONLY ad network that provides per inquiry advertising and commissions to Roku channel publishers.
  3. Direct Ad Sales where we actively solicit advertisers for your Roku channel in exchange for a reasonable commission (15%). We sell ad time, product placements, content placements, sponsosrhips and where applicable, banner ads.

Why limit yourself to ONLY streaming ads provided by the other ad networks when you can be earning revenue in THREE WAYS.

AdNexxt works great by itself or can be used to compliment other ad networks like Yume or Roku Ad Network (RAF) to maintain 100% fill rates by filling the gaps left by those networks.

So if you want to get the most out of your Roku channel, check out AdNexxt for the ultimate monetization solution for Roku channels.

— P.



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