Learning The StartUp Life

I have been head down focused on my new career in the Internet of Things, learning everything I possibly can about the Internet of Things and how it relates to the creation of smart cities. Here is my personal advice on how to get a crash course in this great field. The short and sweet answer is to surround yourself with brilliant experts, both physically and online.As a new marketing director of two IoT companies I have discovered some great resources.

Our team at BuLogics has been driving the Internet of Things since 2003. However, what really made a difference for my intro education of the IoT was a unique tactic that my bosses provided for me. During my first several weeks with the companies I sat in the conference room with our CEO and Founder and CTO for the entire day. For anyone looking to ramp up employees quickly this is an amazing way to do it. However, if you want to do this, please know that you truly have to be a company that is not trying to hide things from your employees.

To give some context, I was coming off of nine years working in Healthcare and literally didn’t know what the term Internet of Things meant before starting here. When I first heard the term IoT, my initial thought was it sounds like an outdated term to describe something. Now, I realize that it is a perfect description for where this industry started and is heading.

Of course a major stop on my knowledge journey thus far has been YouTube. I love YouTube. Listening to keynotes and other videos about IoT is a great way to ramp up. Even though a lot of them are super technical, I find that listening to those videos gets me in the right headspace.

So here is what I have learned in a relatively short amount of time, the IoT is really cool, really complicated and really important. The Internet of Things is advancing the world across almost every industry where innovation is taking place. From breeding cows, to smart healthcare, to smart entertainment to our corner of access, energy control and management and home automation.

I have also noticed that there is a lot of focus on healthcare and self driving cars, when I believe the real path to smart cities will be via the smart MultiFamily home. As our technology at StratIS makes door access seamless for the end-user in MultiFamily buildings, more consumers will start to expect smart technology in all of the things in their life.

Another great resource is ReadWrite.com. I have been trying to read content by this tech publisher often, including writers like Lauren Marinaro, Ryan Matthew Pierson, Donal Power and more.

I have also been diving into some of the great IoT LinkedIn groups including IoT for MFE.

While I am personally the furthest thing from an engineer, I am familiar with how engineers think. My late father was a brilliant electrical engineer. He dedicated a good portion of his career to the aerospace industry. In the summer of 2014 after he was diagnosed with non-smoking lung cancer, I stayed up late with him asking him a thousand questions about his career. His team worked on technology that was used in the very first GPS satellite. Later on he worked on proposals for billion dollar space projects. While I know his work was completely different from the next revolution of the Internet and Smart Cities, I think that somewhere he is smiling because he knows that I have surrounded myself with brilliant engineers.

Clearly, I have an enormous amount that I need to continue to learn about this amazing industry. I look forward to continuing to learn from everyone who have dedicated their time and passion into this field.



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