Launching an app is no easy task.

To plan a launch that gives you a good chance of being ranked in the app store has eluded many.

But an influencer marketing strategy has proved effective and is gaining popularity.

In essence it comes down to two basic elements — initial quality installs and building momentum to ensure the number of people downloading your app increases exponentially.

Influencers get you direct downloads

The first stage of your launch plan needs to be a campaign to get people discovering and downloading your app.

Sponsoring influencers to recommend your app and show their audience how it works should deliver those first installs and get people talking about you.

Depending on your budget, think about sponsoring a few different influencers as this gives you wider reach into your target market.

Look especially at their engagement rates, as this is a good indicator of what kind of click through rate you can expect.

Generally, the higher the engagement rate the bigger your conversion rate.

Read our article on choosing the right content creator for your campaign to find out more.

You can also get our free influencer selection checklist.

Quality installs from educated audience

The advantage of using influencer marketing over other channels to generate an initial buzz about your app and get your first installs is education.

If the influencer is producing his or her content on YouTube, for example, maybe they are talking about your app for five minutes — giving demonstrations, showing what it does and why it’s good in detail.

This means that the audience knows exactly what they’re getting, and if they go on to install it they are probably going to keep it and use it.

So the influencers are bringing you not only installs, but quality installs.

This approach also means your app is likely to get good reviews because users understand it.

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Ranking in the app store should be the aim of these first parts of your launch.

Once you’re ranked you solve your problem of how people discover your app and you can focus on growth.

In order to do this you need installs and good reviews, which you should get from this initial influencer marketing campaign.

But you will also need to show your app has traction — and to do this you need momentum.

Plan to build momentum

This is where many app launches goes wrong.

To successfully gather momentum and ensure more and more people install your app it is crucial to plan ahead.

One marketing campaign is not enough, you need to plan several over the weeks and months when your app comes out and scale up each time.

For example, if you sponsor three influencers in your first campaign you might want to sponsor five in the second campaign, seven in the third and so on.

Read the rest of this article and download your free one-page app store ranking checklist on Sponsokit’s blog The Insider: Influencer Marketing Explained.


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