Wondering how to learn SEO for year 2019 the fastest and most surefire way?

Happy day Medium world! This is my first post here so please indulge with my enthusiasm of greeting you all (like I would offline), if I directly saw your face and you saw mine.

Recently, I was researching in Google.com what are the top seo questions and answers in the Q&A network of “Quora”.

I wanted to see what Google itself considers to be the top SEO questions the majority of people who want to educate themselves around SEO, submit to Quora in order to get answers for.

Reason is that I have created my first publication here on Medium in order to share with whoever is interested in Search Engine Optimization and was searching for ideas to start populating my publication.

To do the above, I went to Google.com and typed the following SEO “command”:

site:quora.com seo

The second organic SEO result for the above “command” was the following Quora question:

By visiting the question’s main link, you can see that it has gathered over 100 different answers.

And Oh my GOD, I had a flashback moment.

I recalled the time when I was a beginner in SEO (started educating myself 10 years ago from online resources) and information overload was a standard feeling I experienced almost daily back then as a “fresher” (or a “newbie”).

It was really hard as I did not have the “luck” to have a real-life mentor by my side to “hold my hand” and help me move forward through my SEO learning curves. I realised soon that I had to overcome the feeling of “neediness” of someone to help me.

I had only myself to ask help from. It was a long term exclusive relationship between me and Google (and it’s child “YouTube”).

10 years later, as an SEO business owner, it is always a great feeling for me to be able to provide some guidance to people who are now, where I was when I started.

I put myself in an SEO beginner’s shoes who would go to read the 100+ answers for the question on Quora “How exactly does SEO work?”.

I asked myself: “If I was a newbie, would I go through all these answers where there are 100+ different experts opinions?”

Instead of writing an “SEO Letter” myself as a reply, I found it more useful to direct Sadiq (the Quora member who asked this question) to one super resource, shared by one of the TOP Search Engine Optimization experts globally, named Brian Dean from Backlinko.

As an SEO expert myself with my own business during the last 6 years, there is always something new that I learn from Brian.

In addition, I vote for Brian’s resources and recommend him to anyone who wants to:

  1. Learn SEO Fast (for Year 2019) Fast
  2. Save time and money (it is a free guide)
  3. Avoid information overload

There are no excuses with these types of packed “all in one SEO Courses” existing online that are available to consume and learn (for free).

If you love SEO and learn it very well, it can change your life. It did change mine!

If you don’t love SEO, you may as well leave it to the experts who love it.

Stay happy and passionate!

Kindest regards,

Joanna Vaiou

Feel free to connect on Linkedin next.



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