A new online store is often empty. Shoppers don’t yet know your shop. They haven’t had time to learn about your products or your customer service. So if you want immediate store traffic and sales, you’re likely going to need to advertise.

There are certainly other ways to generate website traffic, conversions, sales, and profits. You could, as an example, use content marketing. If you have time to let your business grow slowly and you can be patient, content marketing will work. But if you want to kickstart your business, you will need to do some sort of promotion, and you’ll almost certainly have to pay it. Bottom line: You need advertising.

1. Pay-per-click Ads on Search Engines

Search engine marketing can take a few forms. But it is most frequently pay-per-click advertising wherein search engines display your ad on a search engine results page and you pay when someone clicks on your ad and lands on your website.

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