We will discuss how to rank in Google My Business and local SEO. For the best ranking in local SEO, it is very important to have certain elements in your website.

And this also increases your Google My Business rank. What are these elements and how do they affect rank?

And if you do not have this on your website, how can you add them in a few minutes? We will learn all this in this post.

SEO and Google My Business both rank depends on the website. Even in Google My Business, about 20% of points are found from the website, then it can not be ignored.

After all, what website should it be and which platform should it choose WordPress, HTML, Shopify, or other platforms.

What does it matter like speed, hosting, domain name?

Let see what elements should be on your local business website.

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When you search for anything in Google and the website name in the search results. The blue color line in it is the meta title

The meta title is basically the name of any web page. And it is in the header of the meta title file and appears only once in the entire webpage.

The meta title is very important for search engines. And it is also necessary for the viewers and visitors of your website. And the meta title goes above the links on the webpage.

It is very important to have these 3 things in the meta title.

There should not be spelling mistakes in the Meta Title. The combination of keyword, City and State should be naturally readable.

Keep in mind that in search results meta titles are visible to the viewers first.

So think that you have to show the face of your website in such a way that people like it and click on it.

Your Meta Title length should be 40 to 60 characters.

It is very easy to add meta title, If your website is in HTML then you can use this code:

<title>Your title here</title>

To add meta title to any page or post, go to that page and scroll down to the section of the Yoast SEO.

Click on Edit Snippet, you can add your meta title and can give a small meta description.

You need to give the same keyword in your meta title, meta description and focus keyword also. If it shows green, it means it is perfect.

You should keep in mind that Yoast SEO part.

Like the meta title, H1 is the biggest heading of the website. By the way, HTML markup itself consists of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.

But H1 is one of the most important. Your H1 Heading should also have a City, State Name, and Keyword.

Keep in mind that you use the H1 tag once on a page. Your H1 tag also should be under the 40 to 60 characters.

Your H1 tag should not be too short and too long. Avoid tying keywords in both meta title and H1 tag

If you want to see good SEO companies, then you see how they use tags or keywords. Always avoid keyword stuffing and use a sensible keyword only.

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Google and other search engines rank well for websites that contain data in schema format. Because it makes the work of Google and other search engines easier.

Generate schema data and use it on the website and also check your website with Google’s schema data testing tool.

If your website is already indexed in Google and now you are adding schema data, then go to the search console and again put the website in the index request.

It is not enough to give your business address on the website in text. It is very important to embedded Google map on every local website at least 2 places.

The footer of the Home page should have Google Maps, in which the pin of the map should be of the exact location. The second is Contact Us must also have a map page.

The benefit of Google Map

According to the testing of MOZ

  • The Google page in the footer of the home page increases the rank of Google listings.
  • Having a map to the Contact Us page increases the rank of the website in search results.

Google Map gets so much support in local SEO or Google My Business because it makes it easy for the visitor to find that local business. And Google wants to keep its users happy.

It is also good for local businesses because if the customer finds you easily and reaches you, then your income will increase.

We just talked about schema data and Google map in point number 4 and point number 5 above. And there is an overlap between these two which Geo Tagging.

Basically, you must extract the longitude and latitude of your location in a schema format on your website.

If for some reason you cannot provide all this in schema format, then give Longitude and Latitude in normal text format.

If the pin is in the wrong place on the map, then it will get your exact location.

The website speed must be good. How good is the speed of your website according to the standard of local business.

You can check this by going to this latest tool of Google:

If your website is opening in 2.5 seconds then it is ok or else you should optimize your website. Doing this will increase your website speed.

You can also upgrade your hosting which is the easiest way to increase website speed.



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