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You’ve already done the hard bit. You’ve started an e-commerce company, decided on the products you want to sell and whom you want to sell to. The next step is creating a great e-commerce website that not only brings users in from search engines but also takes them from product to checkout without a hiccup. Believe it or not, this is the easy bit.As a leading web development company in kolkata, we have a passionate team of web designers nearby. With many years of experience, we can create the best web designs, from simple websites for small businesses to large-scale eCommerce web developments

So how do you do it? What makes a great ecommerce website? We’ve compiled the top 10 features and detailed them all below. Take a read through, send them on to your web developer and work with them to create an easy-to-use, fast, customer-focused ecommerce site that will be the backbone of your successful online business. online business.

1. Convenience

The most imperative thing to comprehend about making an internet business site is that any boundary is probably going to cause ‘checkout deserting’. This is a specialized method for saying your client is tired of attempting to purchase your item and basically surrenders. A significant number of the things in this rundown are tips to enable you to keep that from occurring, and usability is comfortable best.

Your client’s adventure on your site begins with the route. You have to make it as simple as workable for a client to discover what they’re searching for, placed it in their crate, and get it.

2. Quick stacking

You might be amazed by this measurement: consistently’s postponement in an online business site’s stacking time causes a drop in income by up to 7%. Indeed, even the greatest retailers aren’t safe: Amazon says that for each 1 second postponement in one of its pages stacking, it sees a going with 1% drop in income, which adds up to a stunning measure of cash.

In the present moment satisfaction society, individuals would prefer not to stick around to finish their requests. The obtaining procedure must be consistent and direct.

Guarantee that you work with your designer to assemble your site considering stacking times. Consider utilizing a substance conveyance system to help convey your site rapidly, wherever a client is on the planet.

3. Mobile Responsiveness

Full Responsive

In 2017, almost 60% of web based business deals were finished on cell phones. What’s more, multi-channel customers burn through multiple times more than those utilizing just a solitary channel. That is immense.When structuring and fabricating your site, begin with portable designs. Your engineer should thoroughly understand responsive structure and it’s essential to work with them to make your site as simple to use on a cell phone all things considered on a work area. When it’s fabricated, test it completely. Get loved ones to test it. Request that outsiders test it. Successful websites aren’t simply pretty. Your small business or nonprofit website needs to be conceived with your ideal audience in mind, and designed to lead visitors to take the type of action you want them to take.So as a leading website design company in kolkata we create mobile full responsive websites to increase more visibility.You should make sure that each client has a consistent affair, anyway they get to your site.

4. Nice Imagery

You may have seen a pattern with vast retailers utilizing expansive, great pictures over their locales.

Why? They make more striking, connecting with encounters. They legend your items, as opposed to restricting them to fundamental thumbnails. Think about putting resources into item photography and utilize it to breath life into your site.As a good logo designer company in kolkata we suggest to have engage more credibility can design post eye attracting info-graphics posts or content in the website.Besides, these pictures don’t need to be there just to look decent. They can draw clients into buying. Take a stab at adding a CTA catch to your picture alongside some limited time content: something like “Pristine in stock — Buy today and get 10% off” will in general work exceptionally well.

5. Secure, adaptable installment

Prominent digital wrongdoing cases are promoted in the media routinely, and frequently include tremendous associations, for example, Yahoo or even the UK’s NHS. Some web based business organizations have lost more than $5m USD in stolen information from digital wrongdoing. Try not to succumb to this. Ensure your site is secure. There are a lot of assets out there to enable you to guarantee that clients entering bank points of interest into your checkout are shielded from false action. This can begin with something as straightforward as a SSL endorsement.

And also making a protected procedure for installments on your site, it merits considering how you’re requesting that clients pay. You may surmise that entering card points of interest is the main alternative, however there is an extensive variety of administrations, including PayPal, Stripe, and Skrill. Support for various installment portals is a major favorable position of utilizing a standard CMS, so consider attempting a facilitated framework, for example, Shopify or BigCommerce.

You can likewise draw motivation from existing saves up to meet Australian web based business controls (maybe visit Exchange for the most recent Australian postings), however you likely won’t require any pointers on the off chance that you work with an engineer that recognizes what should be finished.

Despite how you achieve it (by including them physically, building a site through a standard CMS, or notwithstanding getting a pre-fabricated site), on the off chance that you consolidate a portion of the more well known installment choices in your checkout procedure, you make life less demanding for the clients who have joined to these administrations. Furthermore, they’ll cherish you for it.

6. Great Customer Service

customer service

This is a typical oversight for some internet business organizations. Basically offering items isn’t sufficient. A client may purchase once, however in the event that you don’t give them an incredible ordeal, they unquestionably won’t purchase once more. Make the profits procedure simple. Provide a number of ways for customers to get in touch: phone, email, contact forms, social media, etc.Being a good web design company in kolkata we consider even implementing live chat functionality.

The more accessible and communicative your company is, the more your customers will appreciate it. You’ll likely also attract more positive reviews in the process. You’ll likely additionally draw in more positive audits simultaneously.

7. Content


This element runs as an inseparable unit with incredible client benefit. Clients love Content. Regardless of whether it’s a request affirmation email or an instant message to state that a conveyance is impending, it frames some portion of an extraordinary client experience and makes the client feel imperative.

Through application warnings, messages and messages, you can detail precisely what simply occurred at all aspects of the internet business process. Attempt to get this going for your clients.

8. User Generated Reviews

User Review

Social verification (to a great extent as client surveys) is a backbone of internet business destinations all things considered. As indicated by Search Engine Land, around 92% of customers perused client surveys. You might be hesitant to permit open surveys as it makes you helpless against negative remarks, yet don’t fear them — on the off chance that you handle them well, you can regularly resolve the client issues, and you’ll wind up with a more positive brand picture generally.

9. Special Offer

Think about how you can allure clients through from your best dimension pages to the point of procurement utilizing exceptional offers. These could be occasional or just based around your most recent and most prominent items. You could even go further and incorporate offers with a steadfastness program.

Being a top Bulk SMS Company in Kolkata our suggestion, for example, “Join our prizes program and get 20% off your next buy”Have SMS in built integration in the website so that can notify all the customers about the new services,packages,products,also can use promo code to generate more customers interest.Make individuals feel special and make select offers for them — it will assemble dependability and urge those passing up a major opportunity to join.

10. Social Media Engagement

Most of your customers are interacting on social platforms every day. If you build social sharing and conversational elements into your ecommerce site, you’ll not only allow customers to interact with you using their choice of medium, but you’ll also create an opportunity to expand the reach of your brand. That is free publicizing.

11. (Reward) Will to adjust

Here’s a reward tip for you. The facts demonstrate that every one of the highlights above will add to an amazing web based business site. On the off chance that you make it simple to utilize, quick, and informative, your clients will appreciate purchasing from you and hold returning. Yet, be prepared to adjust. Tastes and models change, and there’s dependably space for further enhancement: even the most minor change can to the checkout procedure can positively affect deserting rates. Tune in to input and alter in like manner to make an incredible shopping knowledge for your clients.

If you don’t have any type of online presence, we can help you in creating a business website or co-operate website. Bhavitra Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a website development company in kolkata with over 10 years of industry experience from website design to custom software development we offer best solutions for everything. Our goal is to serve all customers.




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