Struggling to grow your boat building business?

Imagine if their was a way you could sell more boats, spend less on marketing and turn your clients into advocates, all at the same time.

That’s only some of the results you’re likely to get if you start promoting your marine business online.

Here’s how digital marketing will make you sell more boats in 2019.

Digital marketing saves you money

Digital marketing is a lot more cost effective than traditional marketing. It saves you money, time and energy. Here’s how:

  • You’re in control: when you advertise a digital platforms like Google Ads, you decide yourself how much you’re willing to pay. If you’re not satisfied by the campaign’s results, you can change your daily budget or stop the ad anytime.
  • You only pay when you get results : with online advertisers, you’re only billed when someone views your ad or clicks on it. That means you only pay when the ad got you closer to making a sale.
  • Your campaign is set up in minutes : Paper advertising campaigns are expensive and time consuming. You must design the ad, print it in large batches and then distribute it. On the other hand, an online ad is launched in minutes and runs immediately.

You attract the right people

How do you attract the people who are looking to buy a boat right now? The answer is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is what makes you appear on the first page of search engines for your selected keywords.

For example, if you sell motor boats, SEO could make you rank first for searches like “buy a motor boat” and “best motor boat to buy”. See the opportunity here?

Your brand is recognized and trusted

Digital marketing can help you establish yourself as a trustworthy authority to consumers.

Carnival Cruise Lines has almost 5 million followers on Facebook

Carnival Cruise Lines is a good example of that : with almost 5 million followers on their Facebook page, they are the most trusted (and profitable) cruise line in North America.

Get better results every time

There are hundreds of tools that analyze your campaign’s data and give you insights to get better results the next time. And most of them are free!

For a video ad on Facebook for example, you can learn exactly how many people have watched it, how long they watched it, if it led them to an action on your website and even how it contributed to your offline sales. Needless to say it would be very hard to do that with a TV commercial.

Digital marketing will make you easily found by potential buyers, loved by consumers and trusted by boaters. Which will, inevitably, lead to more boat sales.

Ready to increase your bottom line?



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