Are you new to blogging? Want to be successful? Get the fact clear that there is no hard and fast rule to rise up the ladder. It all depends upon your creative thinking and how you get a foothold in your niche.

In the blogosphere there are millions of blogs coming out and their main desire is to make money online but few of them are following the strategy for branding of their blog. Due to this reason many of them are falling behind.

Many beginners don’t know how to get success in this trade and they often do some mistakes in initial stage. But you have to overcome all the troubles if you want to stay with this profession. With my experience I can tell you, that blogging is an easy task to do but maintaining it is really tough. So you have to prove your potential.

To start as a newbie blogger my suggestion for you is to follow some simple blogging tips here I’m giving you.

You have to be careful about few basic things if you are planning your living out of blogging. These are

  • SEO
  • Promotion
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Monetization

The list is too long. Basically a blog has no limit. In coming days a normal blog can be one of the biggest brand. So let’s get start.

Beginners tips to excel in blogging

Know your audience

First of all know what people want to read in your blog, this is one of the greatest ways to grow your blog. You can gather that information through tweets or blog comments. With my experience I have seen that if you are able to answer the interesting questions through blog posts you can involve the people on social media.

Do blogging with passion

To do blogging you need the passion as it is like a blogging buzz word. You should choose a subject you know and feel passionate to write about but before doing this select a niche of blogging. Blogging will not overgrow in one night. It’s a long term process and you have to wait for the money and it will come if you follow a proper strategy. If earning money is your only aim then go for some other online marketing job rather than blogging.

Get the buzz

You can directly interact with your audience and know what they are talking about. With this you can get to know that what blog content will resonate with them, this can be a good beginning when you want to write blog posts.

You can ask your readers first on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to doing this- this can be proved as a great technique. If people respond well to it, then perhaps this is a great topic to write about.

Make social marketing strategy

Those days were gone when we consider search engines were the only source of generating traffic. You can get a great number of traffic if you target social media like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Stumbleupon. But be mindful that it will not happen easily. If you are able to do the right amount of exposure then this social media signals can help you to increase your site ranking. For this you have to interact with people and create good relationships.

Love your existing readers

Many bloggers have the tendency to reach to the new readers while they are ignoring the current existing readers. But this should be harmful for your blog. You can try for new readers but you also should spend times each day to show your current readers that you value them too. These will be helpful for your blog to grow. Focusing on your readers is a great process to know them better.

Actually readers expect that blogs should have some actual content which have some elements of value that will fulfill their needs.

Use guest posting

If you want to get more exposure and quality backlinks then do guest posting on high traffic and high PR blogs as it will be more helpful for you to grow your blog. So try to write at least on article in a week to another blogs in your niche who provide you to write for their blogs. Consistency is the key word here. This can automatically provide you traffic.

Use article marketing

To grow your blog you can write articles linked to your niche in high PR article submission directories like E-zine articles, Hubpages and Squidoo with the backlinks to your blog. This can make your blog rank well in search engines as it will surely improve your blog authority. But in my recommendation you can avoid low quality article marketing.

Give away your knowledge

You should not try to keep any secret tucked away. Don’t be frightened to show what you know. There are bloggers who want to hold back the real or good stuff out of fear of giving away the secret information. You can get no advantage on doing this. I advise you to share the knowledge or information you know rather than stocking it up for some other days.

Create your blog design reader friendly

Using proper navigation in your blog is important for that your blog design should have a clean design. It can make easier to readers to find the content of their choice. Always remember that first impression is the last impression as your content play a pivotal role for your blog. It will be helpful to people to stick to your blog.

People don’t like a Web page which takes minutes to open or some flashy or irritating colors on web pages, so try to avoid such these kinds of things to make the blog more interesting.

Use SEO friendly theme

As a beginner it’s a good thought to invest a little on a premium template as this blog template is very important for your SEO and branding. If your budget permits you should go for more professional and SEO theme.

Write unique content

‘Content is king’ — it is the main thing of blogging. In blogging it is the king and it’s a well known fact. Don’t ever try to copy other’s content as you could be banned from search engines. And most of all no one likes to red any copied version. It will also damage your reputation.

Write some catchy titles

People decide in a second if they should click on your post or not. As I said earlier it’s your content which attracts people in your blog. But no matter how good your content is, it won’t be effective unless you have an amazing title or headline. So the title is necessary in making it easy and desirable for people to share your post.

Keep your titles simple, attracting, powerful and bold. This article’s title should be both reader and SEO friendly. Title should appeal the readers and I suggest to use crucial keywords should also be used in the title.

Make your email list priority

You have to create an email list if you are blogging to make business, a movement or to give a support to a cause. I recommend you to consider your email list to your community rather than your blog. Your high priority should be taking care of those people, writing for them and delivering value.

Always be yourself

Everybody is unique in their own way. So don’t try to impress always as it will be not effective for you. Just be yourself and write with ease and more than that you don’t have to be professional and use big words to attract people. The subject of the content, the style of writing will do that.

Basically there is no rule to get success in blogging. You can be successful by reading other bloggers’ content and gathering experiences. Read more and more to get the ideas about how to write the best content. You can communicate with your readers through emotion and storytelling.

Keep it short

Visitor’s wont like to scroll most of the visitors won’t read more than 60% of what you have written. So keep it short and simple but it also have to be sharp and to the point. So as per my suggestion keep the content in the 1–2 minutes read-time length as shorter posts get more readers and seemed to be shared more unlike the longer posts.

The length of your post is up to you or what you think feels best. But typically you require 300 words minimum to get indexed by search engines. Basically working out the best length for your blogs can be difficult.

So if you are new to blogging and hoping to see a bright future, surely there is . Hope this post of mine would be of some value to you guide through the process of becoming a successful blogger in your niche area.

This post originally appeared on Big Outreach.



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