Working hard to build a brand or business isn’t optional, it’s the cost of entry. Something I struggled with early on was working feverishly every free minute I had to continue building, connecting and creating. I ended up not having a very structured approach to content and didn’t make as many meaningful connections as I would have hoped. After working hard for nearly nine months, I came across this episode of the #AskGaryVee show with Ariana Huffington and everything changed for me.

Today my schedule looks a little different than it did a year ago. I am mostly taking weekends to refresh and unwind. There are exceptions to everything and I keep my work times very flexible to maximize the hours I work on my side hustle. A typical weekday schedule looks something like this:

  • 6AM — Wakeup
  • 7AM — Start the 50 mile commute to the office
  • 8AM — Arrive at the office
  • 5PM — Start the 50 mile commute home
  • 6PM — Arrive back at home
  • 6:30PM — Go to the Gym
  • 8PM — Arrive home from the gym
  • 8:30PM — Start working on web design business (Side Hustle)
  • 11:30PM — Get ready to rest

This puts me in the area of six hours of sleep per night during the week. On the weekend, I up my sleep to between 8–10 hours so that I can fully refresh. This sleep schedule and a consistent gym schedule have both kept me ready to tackle a main and side hustle. The important thing is to know yourself. Try different sleep patterns and flexible work schedules to find peak output.


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