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Let’s go to a workout, go for a walk, hit the subway, or grab a coffee

This worked really well in the summer in San Francisco so I’m going to try again for NY. If you know anyone who fits the following criteria, who will be in New York the week of January 16th…please share this post with them. I’ll be in town Sunday thru Friday. Let’s get it booked.

I am suggesting going to a workout, a walk, or hitting the subway over drinks at some random bar because New York is beautiful — especially outside of Times Square, and it’s helpful to remove distractions and encourage some focus.

I am speaking Thursday at 10:55am. Please attend if you can! link

1. Real estate tech startups

I’m going to explore startup alley, but if you’re interested in a) chatting outside of that environment, b) are not on startup alley but will be attending anyway, or c) based in NY and won’t be at this conference — I’d love to meet.

2. Independent brokers

You are a independent broker who runs a modest residential brokerage who is serious about operations and technology. You are future-focused.

I work for an independent brokerage in Bend, Oregon and I’d be interested in discussing technology and operations issues that are affecting brokerages.

3. Investors looking at the space

You are an investor who is very interested in the real estate vertical for a variety of reasons. You might be interested in capturing a piece of the agent marketing budget, or in providing b2b solutions for brokerages, or just want to help blow everything up and try to put it back together in a better way.

I am a principal broker in Bend, Oregon (home of a 6-month ski season), an advisor to early stage real estate startups, distributor of this publication, producer of a local podcast, and have a over 10 years of experience in the space in a variety of capacities. I live and breathe real estate.

You can see what I’m up to on bendgrowth.com, LinkedIn, or AngelList.

4. Writers, videographers, producers in real estate

You are a creator, doer, maker and for some reason — also love real estate. You have a desire to rigorously document and a need to shape the future.

I am preparing to release a new series of content next year and am looking for co-conspirators, collaborators, and friends to do share it with.

5. Old friends and others

You are an old friend or a new one. I am me. Well let’s hang out. I’m just trying to do a better job managing my calendar this time, so reach out if you’re interested in going for a workout, a walk, on the subway or doing something else that is physically active or intellectually stimulating.



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