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There’s no doubt that the amount of internet traffic devoted to video is multiplying year on year. Consumers expect video. Yet some companies and marketing departments are still resistant to embracing it. They’re either not convinced of the need, or they are stuck using old marketing methods. Or they think it’s all going to take too much effort and cost.

Those are the companies that in the long term will be the likely losers. Marketing managers will move on, leaving younger replacements to pick up the pieces or start from scratch.

Creating a viable video strategy doesn’t have to be onerous or vastly expensive. A viable video strategy can include everything from main so-called ‘hero’ videos to cost-free Instagram clips or Facebook Live broadcasts.

A successful strategy does need a calendar, a schedule and a little bit of effort. A lot of companies are already doing this for their social media output, so adding in video should not be too much of a bind.

If they are going to create video, companies do need to think about being in it for the long game. Not every video will be a smash. There will be failures. But consistency in showing up will lead to better quality output and greater appreciation from customers. There’s really no excuse not to be involved.


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