Content Writing is a form of writing requires in-depth knowledge and great skills. The successful content depends on of the quality of the information and how frequently it can engage users. It does not follow any specific format but has some principles. Content should have the potential to the reach the large audience.

The thing to keep in mind before we start to write content is that the “Goal of the Content”, this helps us to set and sort out everything. Content should be like what we speak but it must be seasoned with a simplicity of language and the flow of sentence should be maintained. We tend to use keywords when we speak; contents which have keywords, in turn enhance SEO activity. Content words should be a simple but relevant way; by making sure that you do not want to miss any of the information that you wanted to be in your content. To have better social interaction content should be interesting and informative.

The 2 major aspects of web content:

Quality: Content should be well written and free from mistyping errors so that your visitors can easily make out what your website is really talking about. Content should be in such a way that visitor should feel that they have learned something from your website; this happens only when your content is rich in keywords, informative and interesting.

Flexibility: Means that your website should be updated by adding new content. Updating content is important because the visitor may return again for informational purpose but if your website’s content never changes then visitor doesn’t have any reason to turn up again.

Content is the ruler of the internet. Use it properly. Here are few reasons why content writing should be well versed in every aspect of SEO strategy:

v People will understand your message better.

v Improve your ranking in search engine.

v Additional social media attention.

v More trust

If your message is properly understood by your visitor, then there will be chances for them to return to your website and will definitely have the positive effect on your SEO.

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