The Dreaded Phone

Ya know, these little shits are really getting on my nerves!

What did you hear the last time you called a business?

I bet it was something like “Hi, thank you for calling [business name], my name is [employee first name], how can I help you today?” or something very similar. This is the greeting script. For many businesses, this is where the phone training stops. Get the greeting, get the order in the system.

If this is all that has been taught to your employees, you are doing your business a disservice. Even if your business is simple, realize that phone inquiries are essentially sales-work, even for your standard guest services employee. Did you know that approximately 84% of phone sales success is due to the salespersons voice?

To maximize your representation over the phone, train everyone that is answering to treat someone on the other line like it’s the only call you are going to receive that day. Remember that the person on the other line is hearing the info you are providing for the first time, so vent that frustrated attitude later and keep up the good vibes over the line.

A couple final tips — trained phone answers should know who to escalate situations to in order to expedite requests (if they aren’t able to themselves). If an answer can’t be found to a question, take a message and call back that day when one is ready (or to notify that it will take a little more time, and perhaps provide further support and contact info). Again — make sure the employees know your businesses’ tone of voice, mission, short term goals, and language.


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