8 SUREFIRE WAYS to immediately draw in more visitors:

  • Beautify your blog by using styled stock photos:

Here are 300 freebies to start you out!

  • Write a guest post for another blog– join article directories to get your stories and posts out there!

This will give you a whole new audience to read and share your post, will give you practice writing and finding your voice, and new blogging friends! This is the best way to build your back-links which helps improve your SEO.

  • Sign up for a scheduled auto posting service.

This will help you pin your posts consistently on social media and grow your reader base.

  • Create an irresistible contest or giveaway.

This can be a really fun way to build an email list. Challenges & giveaways have been great for me so far.

  • Make sure sharing your content is simple.
  • Sign up for Tailwind tribes

(they are free even if you do not have an account already with Tailwind) Tribes are an extension of the blogging community that supports each other in sharing each other’s content. Click here to join Bloggers Unite.

  • Register/submit your url to search engines (Google, Bing, & Yahoo)
  • Start engaging more with other people’s posts on their websites, social media, and blogs.

The general rule is to only post your stuff 20% of the time, and to re-post and engage in others 80%. We all are trying to help support each other, plus you will learn so much on the way and you will find inspiration from other’s ideas. Plus by having an awesome and helpful comment to a high traffic blog or article can draw people to your writing and your site just from comments.

We have to remember as bloggers is that we are writing for people AND for computers. We must know some computer language or at least the tools that can translate for us, so our readers can search and find OUR information!

Back-links are a free and fairly simple way to start gaining stronger favor in regards to Search Engine ratings. This means your website and posts will be higher in the line when people are searching for a specific category or term.

There are a bunch of free websites that you can simply register your website with, and this link back to your site helps validate the importance of your blog.

You must be careful with the sites you create back-links to. If the link is not related to your site, it can be considered poor quality and you could be penalized.

The best advice I can give is to guest post on other sites, register with article directories, & take advantage of blog compilation services & sites.

For article directories:

  • List of 300+ directories here!

Blog compilation:

  • WAHM.com is one of my favorites right now.
  • LinkyTools

If you don’t know where you stand with SEO, it is important to see how you rank. This way you will know what you need to fix and will be able to see if your site is improving or not. Check out your ranking with Alexa: Get your Alexa score HERE.

A site I found recently is NeilPatel, and they have an awesome (and VERY detailed) site analysis tool. Enter your URL and get your report HERE.

For more in depth information, tips, and tools on ways to improve your site’s SEO, here are other helpful books to have on hand:

***Vyper is a great tool to gain visitors and subscribers. This is not a free tool, but depending on what your site is trying to sell, it could be a great investment.



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