Not many people know this, but Wix has an excellent built-in feature, called Wix SEO Wiz, that tailor-makes a personalized SEO plan for your own website.

First of all, what is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the process of getting found online. In other words, it’s what makes your website show up on search engines like Google.

Before we move on, we need to ensure that your SEO status is on. To do that, go to your site manager dashboard, select SEO on the left hand side, and make sure that you allow search engines to include your site in search results.

Now that that is done, how do you get the Wix SEO Wiz to work?

On your site’s general dashboard, locate where it says ‘get found on Google’ and click on improve SEO and then ‘start now’.

From there, answer a few important questions, such as ‘what is your business or site name’, ‘where your business is located’, and add up to five of your most important keywords that describe what you offer. Those are the words people would search in Google to find your business or site. Don’t worry because you can change those later.

Once all of that is filled out, you can either ask the Wix SEO Wix to analyze your keywords to make them even more competitive with personalized recommendations, or go straight to your SEO plan. The SEO plan will come with a checklist that you can follow to optimize your site’s SEO to the fullest extent.

The things that you have done correctly to maximize your site’s SEO will have a green check mark next the them, while the things that can be improved will have a red exclamation point next to them.

Those things that should be altered to improve your SEO will include a reason as to why it should be changed, as well as step-by-step walkthroughs showing you exactly how to edit it in the Editor.

Also remember to fill out each page’s unique SEO by customizing the title, description, keywords and URL.

As soon as a change has been made, and you have saved and published your page again, you can refresh the checklist in the SEO Wiz and see that the red exclamation mark has been transformed into a green check mark.

Do that for each item on the checklist, and the SEO Wiz even keeps tabs on your achievements, such as when someone clicks on your website and when your site appears in search results.

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