Now I will tell you what magic formula we will use to reach the first thousand, is called SEO, whose translation into Spanish is Search Engine Optimization, and its goal is to prepare a website, in this case an account on Twitter, Instagram, etc. so that be more understandable and relevant to search engines the most important is Google, if they have Google the others do not matter. It has a well-defined goal, increase traffic ORGANIC, believe me the organically generated followers are the most faithful to its content.

Now think about what words I want to be visible? Do they have a lot of competition? And how many people are looking for them? I will give you an example of a pastry, a pastry is interested in being visible if the user looks for ingredients of cakes, recipes for cakes, the words delicious, dessert, etcetera, but being so general words for the cake must have a lot of competition, no ?, millions of people every day look for these words and to reach your mark (or your account) you must present something that others do not have, following the example of cakes you can sell happiness, sell joy, even sell comfort ! Tell me we are not all good in the kitchen, but if we make our friends believe we are, how? Buying food outside, it is very important that we have several accounts in social networks so we can cover much more public, personally I have in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in total reached more than 30 thousand people per month, the highest traffic is in Twitter and Instagram.

Also for SEO methodology there are factors that we must consider, there are many that influence and the worst is that they change over time, you must be aware of global trends, and especially the time we publish, several web analysts have been studying this, ask yourself, if I post something on Twitter at seven in the morning, will it have more reach?



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