I want to say thanks to Amal Academy which encouraged me to reaching out to my network for career guidance. Last Wednesday I called to Mr. zia ullah ( CEO & Senior Developer , Trainer at ZeeSolution) and told him about this activity which I have to complete in Amal Academy.He encouraged me and told that you can come to me tomorrow evening.

I reached on time that we have to decide for the informational meeting.They warmly welcome me in their institute and development hub. Zia ullah sb have such a kind personality.We had a great conversation some of the questions I want to share in this post.


I told him about my past experiences and the confusions that i have regarding my career choice.

1: I asked him tell me about your success story:

Reply: He smiled and told me that he was in the same boat but now he is in front of me. He was interesting in desktop application development and choose oracle. He was also good in C# programming language and Web development so, after working some time on oracle he moved himself towards .NET because he want to be desktop and web application developer at a time and .NET providing him that facility.So he had choose .NET and focused on it and make a strong grip on development environment.

2: What are the most important points to success in this field?

Reply: Becoming an effective .NET programmer requires you to keep in mind several things. A .NET developer that is highly-skilled has a bigger chance of meeting the criteria for more job opportunities.NET programmer should be aware about 2013 Microsoft SQL edition that is among the most used version for .NET development. You will find many numerous databases such as Oracle, Access or MySQL which are accessible for .NET apps. All of these various .NET development versions allow a programmer to develop highly efficient applications and solutions.The most important point for the success in this field is make a strong connection with it and be a friend of this environment and definitely it will lead you toward success.

3: What are future opportunities of this field?

Reply: Future of .NET development is bright. As Microsoft recently launch a cross platform xamarin studio for windows, Android , IOS mob apps development which providing the developers an amazing environment for developing native mob apps using c# programming.

4: What is the market scope of this field?

Reply: Market scope is very high because in .Net framework we can build small desktop applications to large business projects we can also develop web applications which are on high demand in market using ASP.NET as well as now we are able to develop mob apps also.

5: What range of salary I can expect?

Reply: It’s very difficult question that just asked. He said that because .NET developers are not easily available in market that’s why they are hired on handsome salaries and liberty in their work. A highly competent developer or programmer could enjoy a promising career. This is because the platform is one of the most popular languages that are currently used these days.

6: How much time is required to be an exert in this field?

Reply: He told me that give maximum time which you can give to reach your full potential because competition is very high. You can only be an expert If you will take it your passion.

7: Any advice for successful career?

Reply:Give your 100%, be motivated, and come out of your comfort zone It will lead you towards success.


After such a great meeting I’m feeling motivated and more passionate about my field. Amal academy give me such an amazing idea of connecting me with my network.


I’m Confident and strongly recommend to my fellows please reach out to at least one professional person who is in same field in which you want to make your career. I hope after reaching out to that person your thoughts will be more clear and your confidence will increase and you will be more passionate to meet your full potential in your field.


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