A list of pretty innocent tags that are actually banned by Instagram.

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of hashtags in Instagram. Tags act as a search tool, a marketing tool as well as a way to express yourself. Using tags in a smart way can help you gain visibility and attract attention to your Instagram account. But did you know that not all the tags are equally good?

Some of them won’t help you, but just in contrary — will harm your reputation and may even lead to suspension of your Instagram account. Sounds bad, right? Let’s take a look at the list of tags that you should avoid while posting to the app!

Instagram has a complicated algorithm of tag monitoring that helps to fight spammers inside this social network. Some rather popular tags are considered to be “spammy” and if you use them, your pictures won’t appear in the search results for other tags as well as won’t show up on third party sites like Instagram desktop viewers (eg. Iconosquare) or Inselly, Instagram Marketplace. So, here’s the list of harmful tags to avoid at any cost:

#bootie or #booties

You might be surprised to see tags like #instagram and #instagood in this list, but Instagram anti-spam filter considers them as irrelevant and frequently used by spammers. There are also some other tags that fall into “adult” category and will also block your picture from appearing in the search results. Check the entire list at Huffington Post and be careful when tagging your Instagram pictures!


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