What does the recent update to Instagram mean to Periscope & Twitter?

Instagram has just announced another update that will soon be rolling out. Yet again it does not seem to be the most original.

Earlier in the year Instagram added a stories features which was very similar to Snapchat & of course in this update more of Snapchat’s features have been added 😲

This time it is “chat” — Instagram now lets users send photos and videos that can be sent direct to other users which will then… disappear

Personally I did not find this too much of a surprise as when the stories feature was first added it was possible to tap at the bottom of the screen to send a message, this new update seems to just be an extension of this.

The second and bigger update is the addition of live video which looks very similar (identical) to Periscope!

There were rumours that this was something Instagram was working on but looking at the video above & seeing the actual implementation I think Periscope and ultimately Twitter could have something to say.

I have not got the update yet but one area I’m interested in testing is to see what happens after the live streams ends and whether this can be saved to my story or downloaded.

Have you tried the new update yet? Would be great to hear more opinions on this!



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