Google’s web search engine technology today is already a tool make it easier for everyone to do information searching on the internet, however ranging from academics or professional web search engine is very needed in helping to find information quickly and actual, simply by writing one or some combination of keywords from the information we are looking for, automatically the machine web searchers will provide information according to the keywords we input.

Search engine

Search engine is a computer program designed to search for files stored in www service, ftp, publication mailing list, or news group in a or a number of peladendalam computer in a network. Search engine is an information search tool from the available documents. Search results are generally displayed in the form of lists that are often sorted by the accuracy level or visitor’s ratio of a file called hits. Information targeted for search can be found in various file types such as web pages, images, or other file types.

How search engines work

The web search engine works by storing information about many web pages, taken directly from the WWW. These pages are loaded with the web crawler an automated web browser that follows every link it sees. The contents of each page are then analyzed to determine how to index them (for example, words taken from titles, subheads, or special fields called meta tags). Data about web pages is stored in an index database for use in future searches. Some search engines, like Google, store all or part of the source page (called cache) as well as information about the web page itself.

In addition to web pages, search engines also store and provide search result information in the form of links that refer to files, such as audio files, video files, images, photos and so on, as well as information about a person, a product, service, and other information that continues to grow develop in accordance with the development of information technology.

When someone visits a search engine and enters a query, usually by entering a keyword, the machine searches the index and gives a list of web pages that best fit the criteria, usually with a brief summary of the document title and sometimes some of the text. There are other types of search engines: real-time search engines, like Orase. a machine like this does not use an index. The information required by the machine is only collected if there is a new search.

Compared to index-based systems used by machines like Google, the real-time system is superior in some ways: information is always up-to-date, (almost) no dead links, and fewer system resources are required. (Google uses nearly 100,000 computers, Orase is just one.) However, there is also a disadvantage: the longer search completes.

The benefits of a search engine depend on the relevance of the results it provides. While there may be millions of web pages that contain a word or phrase, some pages may be more relevant, popular, or autoritative than others. Most search engines use a variety of methods to rank search results in order to deliver “best” results first. The way the machine determines which pages are most suitable, and the order in which they are shown, varies greatly. His methods also change over time with changing internet usage and the evolution of new techniques. Most web search engines are commercially supported businesses with advertising revenue and therefore partially run controversial practices, which allow advertisers to pay for their pages ranked higher in search results.


Bitclave is a decentralized online platform or network that connects businesses and consumers directly. This ensures intermediary replacement by using smart contract. The token is usually called CAT (Customer Activity Tokens). It was launched in 2016 with a professional team of 20 engineers and a gifted advisory council. This board contains experts in block blocking, payment and security. Alex Bessonov is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this platform.

BitClave is the next generation search privacy data. With BitClave you can have control over who can use it and how. Our decentralized search engine helps you actually find what you’re looking for and get compensated for your data, in the absence of making third-party advertising networks unnecessary. Powered by blockchain technology system, then you do not have to worry for your data because BitClave is guaranteed to protect your personal data.

In a world that is interconnected with current data, the sheer number of cyber violations and information harassment has become an everyday occurrence. Anyone who has a digital life has legitimate privacy concerns about how data is collected and used. Of course, data exchange helps consumers live better and more profitable. But at the same time, it’s important for consumers to control their own information from others.

Decentralized search engine BitClave wants to provide answers to today’s digital citizen privacy concerns. The search system allows customers to control the amount of information they want to share with the business. BitClave systems eliminate the intermediaries that control the data. Customers may release personal information in accordance with their own preferences and comfort levels. This creates a direct trust ecosystem between customers and businesses.


You Make The Money Not “THEM” — Instead of the ad companies, you get handsomely compensated — and we’re talking up to hundreds of dollars per offer.

Crypto For The Masses Get into the cryptocurrency game with CAT! Earn it with the data you share rather than buying it, and your CATs can be traded just like any other cryptocurrency.

Private Data

Anything you search for or click on is only your business. If a business wants your business, they need to pay for this data.

Don’t Search, Find!

Instead of the ad companies getting paid by retailers for your data, you get handsomely compensated.

A mockup of the BitClave decentralized search application on a mobile device
includes (a) a streamlined search interface and shows the user how many CAT tokens they have
earned that are available to use in the BASE system. After searching for a product or service,
the​ ​app​ ​presents​ ​(b)​ ​potential​ ​offers​ ​with​ ​CAT​ ​incentives​ ​for​ ​viewing​ ​the​ ​offer​ ​details.




TIME OF IMPLEMENTATION: 8 November 2017–8 December 2017 ;


BONUS: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Qtum ;

TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY: 1 Billion CAT (For Sale).

Many very lucrative projects from crowdsale program like this, even I have followed many crowdsale programs like this in bitcointalk. So, it is fantastic if you invest and buy many of their tokens in BITCLAVE on the market, as the price goes up, you will get a big advantage in it.

Join BITCLAVE you now for you. Thank you for being faithful to read it.











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