I get a form of this question all the time. “How do you invest with no money?” Or “How can I buy a house with no money down?” Y’all aren’t going to like this answer but this is a gimmick to get people to invest in weekend courses and $1000 E Books.

I am fully against obtaining a hard money loan to purchase an investment property. Paying 8–10 points to close on a loan with risky terms is a quick way to a life in shambles. Are there people out there that have successfully used hard money? Of course there are, but I have a conscious and there are better ways to get into real estate investment.

What would you do if you had no money?

Once again the answer is not easy. The answer is hard work. First thing you do is make a plan to start saving your money pay yourself first and put it in an account that you won’t touch for 2–5 years. If you can’t save enough then get second job 3 nights a week or figure out a side hustle. With the internet there is no reason not to have supplemental income.

I have cash baby! Now what????

You have saved up enough for a down payment congrats! You are going to use that to purchase your first home and you are going to do your homework to make sure you don’t lose! Obtain a conventional mortgage and purchase your first house, put in the sweat equity and then list it for sale. Take the profit and set some aside in a savings account and do it all over again.

Keep moving!

As I have said in previous articles I moved so many times from 2008–2014 that my wife put her foot down and said no more! I love to move it means someone appreciates my work and the house is going to become somebody’s home. Keep moving forward and don’t ever give up!

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