The year is gone and we like to look back to see what happened, this was an excellent year for Eatable Adventures’ ecosystem with strong impact in our local market.

Gastroemprendedores, our vertical Hospitality, Food and Beverages vertical entrepreneurs community doubled its size and peaked 22.500 members; it’s still the largest community of it’s class in the world. We had solid support from The Coca-Cola Company , Melia Hotels International and BStartup from Banco Sabadell; we are sincerely grateful to them for their continued support and entusiasthm.

We celebrated 15 events targeted to entrepreneurship, with well over 2.000 attendees. In these events senior industry leaders and not so small entrepreneurs delivered a candid view of the market, the nuances hidden in the way, and the opportunities and possibilities to attain success. We can’t be more grateful to them too, it’s not so usual to get things told in such a clear and positively constructive way.

This past year Acceleration call for projects received 201 applications, it was hard, very hard, to reduce the list to just a handful of companies, many great companies couldn’t make it to the shortlist. In total we have received and evaluated over 500 projects in 2018, about 4 times the number of 2017.

Our top of the funnel, our web properties, received 34.000 unique visitors in 2018, who downloaded over 10.000 market reports and online tools that will help them launch or evolve their businesses.

In 2018 we also partnered with to open Foodlab, a first of it’s kind space designed to support early phases of new companies in this market. We were lucky counting with Honest Tea’s founder, Seth Goldman, who delivered a magical session, detailing his entrepreneurship work. Foodlab hosted Gastroemprendedores Talks, a novel intimate format that enable us to get very close to new entrepreneurs.

November shaw the launch of Food Business Angels, the first European network of individuals interested in supporting the early phases of projects in our space. We signed off a co-investment agreement with that will enable these companies participating in FBA to go faster listing their fundraising campaigns in such a platform.

Our two fundraising events, the demo day and FBA, resulted in over 2,5 M EUR in financing for these companies. A major figure for early stage ventures.

It was also a prime for us working with stablished corporations helping them to get closer to innovation through direct contact with startups that could add value to their operations; we’ve seen a 13% adoption rate on the companies introduced to big corps getting contracted to deliver innovative products or services, a great adoption rate.

In summary, we directly helped 21 companies thrive in the market this year, through our three main activity lines: acceleration, fundraising, industry integration.

We can’t be more excited about 2019, we have been working for months preparing the new year and our plans for better support the ecosystem and it’s growth. News will come soon.

Stay hungry!



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