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4 Cancer Fundraising Ideas for Treatment that Work

You would like to collect funds for cancer patients mainly because of two reasons. You might feel compelled to collect funds for covering the medical expenses of patients or for funding cancer research organizations. We all know that millions of people diagnosed with cancer every year around the world and they need our support. If you want to start helping this cause, we would recommend that you employ one of these fundraising ideas as they raise both funds and awareness.

Plan a Hiking Tour — A guided hiking tour is a great way to get active with your body while clearing the mind. Nature is an excellent way of breaking the routine and relaxing. For this purpose, you can post your plan on social media first. Create an event on Facebook and reach for a lot of people. You can also promote the trip through distributing flyers around in your community. Charge a fee for organizing and guiding but don’t forget to tell about the cause. People will love the idea of doing this activity while contributing to a good cause

Flower sale — Flowers are a beautiful way to raise funds. They fill nature with color and they produce astonishing smells that everyone loves. Order a large variety of flowers from online or local vendors. Mix them and decorate them with other plants. Furthermore, sell them for a higher price, enough to make a profit and proceed to donate to a cancer patient or research. Tell people the reason you’re doing this, it will encourage them to spread the word.

Plan a Food Event — If you are looking for a simple but high-profit cancer fundraising idea, then planning a food event at your house is the most suitable option for you. You can keep it as simple as you want, for example, you can arrange a BBQ in your backyard. You can plan it for your friends, family and, neighbors. Include a variety of barbecue staples such as burgers, vegetable skewers, steak, and ribs. Don’t forget to have games and music, it will make people connect. Like every other idea, spread awareness about the purpose of your fundraiser.

Text-to-Give Campaign — In order to host this campaign, you need to buy software from a vendor. Look for a tool that makes quick and easy donations through sending messages via social media and email. There is no other idea that could generate that much profit than approaching people directly. Explain in detail how you will use the money and how it will help with the cause. If you reach enough people, you will raise funds and you will raise a lot of awareness

You can confidently use these fundraising ideas for raising money for cancer research or treatment. Remember even if people don’t help now, you raised awareness and probably someday in the future they will donate.

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