People always need to know why you need the help, which is reasonable to a point … but then begins the story,

followed by the seemingly never-ending stream of questions.

Especially if your story is at all “interesting”.

You were adopted? Where from?

Oh that must be (insert projection)!

Actually I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about it all; and every day is different. Mostly because everyone I interact with seems to treat me more like their personal social experiment than a human, impairing my ability to trust.

This has compromised my ability to sustain networks and so become a considerable obstacle to financial security.

But you seem so smart, and well-spoken.

That doesn’t translate to healthy relationships, especially when everyone seems more fascinated by what tricks they can make me do than my health and wellness.

What do you mean by that?

Case in point.


You asked what I meant, not if I was sick?

Which granted, were we to follow the reasoning of being sick it would likely end in a diagnosis absolving anyone save myself; or am I being pessimistic?

As I started this by saying, I continually have to explain myself, often enough in circles, until finally my request is acknowledged.

And even though, only to say …

You are very intelligent, I’m sure you’ll figure something out.

And this has been going on for about a decade.

I can’t count the number of times I would hear people say,

You sound healthy.

You sound great!

You look healthy!

You seem to be on top of this!

While I continue to struggle, not doing well, not feeling well and the only reason I sound great is because I am so tired of making demands.

I am so tired of yelling to be heard.

And only then to be dragged way by the authorities.

No one takes pride in that,

no one wants to do that, or be that.

And yet when someone is forced to become that, we blame them.

We see their plight, nor do we hear their pleas.

We imagine them to be less significant than they are making them out to be.

And if they would just buckle down and do the work, they could stop worrying and stop bother us.

They don’t do this, and so … alright, how much money to shut them up?!

Which is dehumanizing, but so easily accomplished through the lack of context and critical thinking society seems to encourage.

Critical thinking would say:

This person is asking for help.

What do they need?

What is it for?

Am I am able to help?

Do I know anyone able to help?




And they expect to get taught it.

Too many times have I had to explain why and how someone hurt me.

Only for them to feel really bad for it, and then repeat the same aggression days later.

And again, they are expected to be instructed into the nuances of their innocent error.

It isn’t just infuriating, it is insulting and inflicts excessive amounts of labor on the already disproportionately burdened.

Which is perhaps the point?

The more stress you put on someone, the more likely they are to break.

If they do break, one is able to say I told you so. Or call the police, if need be.

In this manner, we can weed out the strong from the weak, and exploit those with resources, energy and strength to exploit.

The rest become fertilizer and inspiration for the survivors.

It is parasitic and maintains a hierarchy devoid of communication.

And with that said, I present to you an opportunity at give me some money:



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