ARCONA is a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem that develops Digital Land — an additional layer of reality that unites the physical and virtual world into a single, highly related real-world information environment. The platform is thought of from the box in an effort to combine the advancement of AR industry technology into the physical world and deserve to provide clear, scientific and actual engineering views on other aspects of human science. This technology was created to help everyone and anyone to meet with the expected scientists and to address the relative problems facing mankind. The concept is designed solely for the everyday user’s interactive experience by adding virtual and mixed multimedia content in real-world locations.


To simplify viewing technology in an age of advancement, this concept comes with the ability to instantly change the immediate area via smartphones, tablets or with the use of headsets like Hololens or other similar gadgets that operate. , created for the purpose of enhancing the experience of additional reality. For technical details on how the platform works and works.

Arcona Ecosystem is developing a new Digital Land which is an Augmented Reality layer developed by combining the physical and virtual worlds that form new entities connected to the real world. This land was created for everyday users to have an interactive experience with virtual reality plus plus multimedia content in real-world locations.

Problems And Solutions

As an institutional view:
Problem: The ad channel market is saturated. Traditional media channels lose communication power with the target audience. The advertising industry needs to discover new areas, places and experiences.

Solution: Arcona’s increasing reality level offers new interactions with opportunities to share advertising, communication and product experiences. In the real world there is no room for new billboards, but there’s plenty in Arcona.

If you see End Users:

The problem is: there is no ergonomic solution for large user devices in an enhanced reality environment.

Solution: Arcona is a public domain that unites the physical and virtual worlds anywhere in the world. The functionality of the software allows users to change the real world around them and interact with virtual objects in real-world locations along with different devices; Create your own AR project and change it into money without requiring high level programming knowledge (WordPress — Youtube).

From a technical point of view:

Problem: Positioning the right virtual object in the real place outside the home is still a question. The latest technological improvements Apple and Google offer solutions based on smartphone and camera capabilities.


2018 years

1. The company will launch a market with the primary objective of introducing arcona tokens as system currencies. Initial content on the market will include the following: task package, developer kit, original asset, Arcona Digital Land.

2. Run the AR Viewer prototype as a tester and scout application to motivate users to use the software and get the token. Launch partner project. Among the beginners will be a game partner project with the work title Secret Project.

Quarter 3

Running prototype technology for AR Grid; test the remote positioning tool

Quarter 4

Runs a beta version of AR Viewer with basic functions. The main content placement in the test area.

2019 years

AR Grid positioning system will be presented in 10 of the largest cities on the planet. A total of 1,500 km2 of digital land will be sold. List of cities: Barcelona, ​​London, Mexico City, New York, Paris, Beijing, St. Petersburg, Rome, Istanbul, Tokyo.


The total geothermal area of ​​AR will increase to 40,000 km2, and the Augmented Reality World Network will be created.


Arcona will use Blockchain to determine what belongs to whom (whose territory, content, software, etc.) and who has the right to transfer, and all transfers will be recorded. Therefore, every process in the system will be more reliable and transparent.

Smart contracts guarantee copyright and proprietary rights. The system automates payments to content creators and digital asset owners.

We are developing a unique platform to manage virtual real estate environments remotely. With the ITO block and chain architecture, this will allow users and developers to build a complete ecosystem by connecting the P2P base.

With a little explanation about the ARCONA project I quoted from Whaitepaper can make friends all interested to join in this project because this project is very good for the future

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