Boom Watches is back and has launched yet another campaign with FundedByMe! We are very excited to see this exclusive watch brand return and allow even more new dedicated ambassadors join them on their journey to become the leading watch accessory brand! Their campaign launches TODAY so make sure to check them out to learn more about their vision.

With their new campaign we at FundedByMe had the opportunity to design our own set of watches and which we found to be such a wonderful way to put your own personal touch on their existing designs. The only issue anyone of us really faced was how hard it was to choose between the many options!

Boom Watches has provided a fantastic option when ordering their watches where you can design your own watch. The design option has 5 categories — size, strap, case, dial and top ring. Depending on what size you choose you have different options for the four remaining categories

For my watch I choose to go with a completely black version — keeping true to my Swedish fashion heritage. But this decision was made after having tried 30 different combinations. Having this option makes ordering a watch much more personal than just buying another accessory. It is great to know that this design definitely will suit my personality, and I couldn’t be more excited to wear it — which I will soon as Boom Watches has FANTASTIC delivery policies. So if you’re interested in buying a watch, or gifting one to someone else, make sure to check out Boom and their “Create Your Watch” option!

Thank you Boom Watches!

We also asked the founder of Boom Watches, Niklas Dahlgren to answer some questions about their experiences of crowdfunding and their upcoming campaign with FundedByMe. Read his answers below!

  • Why did you choose FundedByMe and crowdfunding?

We believe it’s a great way to raise funds and on the same time get publicity for our brand. For us, as a Swedish company, we prefer to runt the campaign on a Swedish platform and we see FundedByMe as the natural partner for this. Besides this, we have very good experience from the last campaign that we did together with Fundedbyme.

  • What was the best and worst about crowdfunding?

Wow! We do not see any direct negative about crowdfunding. The only thing, would be that it takes time to prepare the campaign. On the other hand, we reach out to a large audience and get instant feedback from the market, which is very valuable. Furthermore, we would like to increase number of shareholders/ambassadors and crowdfunding helps us to reach our broad.

  • What are your expectations with this new round compared to the first one you did?

I’m sure the game plan has changed since we made our last campaign, so it’s difficult to compare the campaigns. I feel we are more prepared this time, since we have done a campaign before.

  • How is your relationship today with your current ambassadors/investors?

I’m really proud of our ambassadors and investors and we keep our investors updated by sending out updates to our shareholders. We also strive to arrange events 1–2 every year, where we invite our shareholders to meet up and network together. Besides this, I have individual contact with some shareholders during the year. I welcome the contact from our shareholders since it’s mostly valuable feedback how we can improve the business further.

  • Any last comments you would like people to know about your upcoming campaign?

I’m really proud to see that our concept is welcomed from the market. A larger number of our customer returns for additional orders — I have never experienced this before during my +25 years in the watch industry. Now its time to scale up the business! Welcome to join us as a shareholder at BOOM Watches!

If you would like to learn more about Boom Watches’s campaign, visit or contact



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