At the Chicago Blockchain Project, our team provides the community with up-to-date information on other companies within the blockchain space. We are dedicated to making sure our info is both accurate and relevant. My focus this week is on the decentralized crowdsourced social enterprise, Urban Array, a company whose social vision is as engaging as the imagination of its members.

Urban Array’s goals involve building, improving, and rehabilitating communities through a digital shared network (ecosystem). This network pools the resources of its members, which provides incentive through active (not monetary) contribution-based rewards. They maintain a “triple bottom line” of sustainability. This three-pronged baseline guide for their business practices manifest for Urban Array as the sustainability they hope to achieve in social impact, environmental conscientiousness, and economic profitability.

Urban Array Logo

The following video posted on their website details the core mission to which their team is dedicated. Marquis Davis, founder and enterprise director, states that Urban Array’s potential to reward communities is inclusive to ALL income demographics. Its strength is derived from active users. It is fair to say, however, that communities in desperate need of economic improvement will certainly stand more to gain through an increased user population.

Urban Array Blockchain Presentation Intro, 15:42

Marquis grew up in many homes as he comes from a military family that was relocated frequently, often internationally. However, during the summers, he would return to his grandmother’s at 79th street on Chicago’s South side. The stark contrast and disparity of these environments are what led him to the creation of this tool for social change. The powers of markets have driven economies further and further from areas where economic incentive could do the most good, essentially abandoning those in poverty to the good graces of volunteers and activists. Marquis describes the “pieces to building thriving communities” as the joint existence within a community of these four main elements:

  • employment
  • ownership & investment
  • safety & security
  • merit-based rewards/advancement

As the old adage goes “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” The underlying message is the importance of autonomous sustainability. In the context of today and now, the question becomes how to analyze which of those four main tenets any given community is lacking, and then draw on the resources of a diverse, inclusive network to generate solutions that meet the triple bottom line to fill those gaps. Urban Array teaches communities ‘to fish.’

UrbanArray’s app, the Social Enterprise Asset Management System (SEAMS) allows users to choose, research, manage, collaborate on projects, and take part in the governance systems in place. Urban Array has done its due diligence to ensure that their technological capacity falls in line with their ethical stance. Their tech is based on “open systems, open sourced software, and cloud-based architectures,” which essentially contribute to their principles of democratization, contribution-based incentives, and decentralization, respectively.

Urban Array is contributing knowledge and social impact in the Chicago blockchain/crypto space. The depth of their values and the application of their technology are fostering the builder mentality in an inclusive network that has the potential to allow more communities to thrive. Their core belief in sustainability across social, environmental, and economic spectrums may be the defining characteristic of their legacy.



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