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Matt Levine of Bloomberg points out that the leading digital currency might be a fraud that can ultimately blow up in “The Uncertain Future of Bitcoin Futures”

Krista Anderson-Copperman from Okta, Allison Pickens of Gainsigh and Hatim Shafique from Databricks discuss the strategic value and the career path of an emerging role in the startup environment in “The Rise of the CCO” [Podcast 25:24]

Brandon Evans of Lifehack Labs points out that many good ideas are killed or never even started because they don’t fit the narrow parameters of VCs in“Being a Startup Founder is a minimum wage job — Here’s the proof”

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Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures comments on the idea of Paypal’s CEO Peter Thiel: “to truly succeed, a startup must not beat the competition, but break free of competition entirely” in “False Competition — Why Defining Axes Of Competition Matters”

Jean-Pierre Pequito of Intercom explains that developing a platform doesn’t happen overnight, so stop hoping for immediate success and start building for long-term value instead in “The Pains of Growing a Platform”

Grant Canary of DroneSeed shares useful tips on public speaking that can help control your heart rate while pitching your idea on stage in “Startup Pitching and Adrenaline Management: An Athlete’s Tactics”

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Looking Glass recently raised a Series A investment for their HoloPlayer One, the world’s first interactive lightfield development kit which enables people see and interact with floating 3D scenes without VR or AR headgear. “Making Holograms Real”

Roomi is an app and website that helps you search for apartment listings with background-checked profiles from over a million tenants. “Roomi raises $11 million to find you a roommate”

Eventtus sells all-in-one solutions to manage events which includes ticket sales, event management and networking, and branded mobile apps. “Cairo-based Eventtus raises $2 million in Series A from Algebra Ventures and 500 Startups”

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