The Problem Solving Challenge

In my mind whenever I used to think of Karachi, there was one name always flashes thorugh my eyes and that was Abdul Sattar Edhi’s name and now that he has left us its hard to believe that people has started propaganda’s against Edhi Foundation and its donations, just after a week of Edhi’s Jees death. Organization fears that donations and charities — a prime source of running the foundation is in jeopardy. In a brief interview son of Edhi jee, Faisal Edhi said:

“There is a risk of lack of donations for the organisation because there is an active campaign run against the Edhi Foundation every year. Certain elements spread negative propaganda and rumors in order to keep people from donating to the foundation.”

It is now our prime duty to serve this foundation unlike all others who “say and stay away”, and as we have all seen Edhi Foundation is a true “home for homless”. I don’t see any point of backing out for this foundation. However, I agree symbols are power and they give motivation to people, but what more important is power of that persona that personifies the symbol. Edhi Sahab is a symbol of Edhi Foundation, and him being gone doesn’t mean his foundation is also gone, it is there and now it is important more than ever to play our parts in the big shoes of him to fill, he left for us.

Fund Raising Stall at Al-Fatah Shopping Mall

Its was a task of Sisyphus but we had to do it, as a part of our project at Amal Academy we had to raise funds for Edhi Foundation in loom of this fear of foundation. It took us two weeks to prepare, arrange and execute all the steps we learned for raising funds for foundation. Let me tell you it was over whelming, unexpected and generous support that we receive from people across the Faisalabad. We worked as team, we went into UAF, schools, friends, and even public spots. Initially we were given group tasks to arrange funds but we went extramile and join each other for fund raising and special gathering for mutual funds.

Mahnoor Akbar, Naima Malik and Namrah Rehman collecting money from UAF

There were lot of challenges of course, getting money from people is hard believe me. But Edhi Sahab has lefts us such a legacy that people becomes self-satisfied when they see someone is raising funds for Edhi Foundation. But of course we had to be prepared from all aspects, as we weren’t official representative of foundation, in the beginning we tried to collect simply from University Agriculture Faisalabad, but then people started having doubts about collection since so DSA (Director of Student Affairs) letters was required that was hard, moreover we had Amal Academy’s assurance letter for the fund raising but that wasn’t enough.

Me, collecting funds from people at Al-Fatah

The main hurdle was, literary going door to door and ask for money, it hurts you a little when people simply pass you by, but after a while you get used to it, as amount of people who do not give is nothing as compared to those who give. I felt exactly what Edhi Jee’s would have feel when he used to stand on the footpaths of Karachi.

Me (right) and Aqib Niaz counting the collection.

When I first came to stall despite being so confident, I was so shy and when my first picker goes by simply I felt so much shame I almost headed back to chair but I remember Edhi Jee’s saying, “My intention was never to spread my hands in front of anyone. I wanted to teach the nation how to give.” Then I didn’t look back and rephrase myself what I had to say, so I came up with quick line “We are raising funds for Edhi Foundation, If you want to contribute something” and I would say to every person coming in or out like a machine. Sometimes I would say in Urdu and sometimes in English.

A sneak peak into our collection.

Responses of people were vary, some were really curious and some questions a lot, there was this person who came to us and he asked us are you official employers of Edhi Foundations? When we try to tell him he couldn’t understand and asked for any official paper and we handed over the Amal certificate and he read it thoroughly, took pictures and even call. He bring many people and tell them about us. He was annoying but I had follow the problem solving steps and I kept myself calm. All the fellows gave their 100% for this cause and they were even there at 10 am till 10 pm. Their dedication was commendable and I congratulate all of the Amal batch’17 for such effort that I never thought I would get to see.

From left to right: Aqib Niaz, @Mehran Siddique, Muhammad Zareef Sajid, Junaid Sadiq, Azeem Younas, me and Rashid Karim at Al-Fateh Shopping Mall

Our effort really paid off, I was informed we already had collected PKR75000 thousand previously, and the collection we made at Al-Fateh were almost PKR40000 and so the rough estimated amount including girls are more than PKR15,0000. We were told in session that last year they collected PKR2,00,000 from all the batches, so our sole amount is close to that figure and batches in LHR are also participating in this activity, so imagine how much Amal would give to foundation, hope so it will be a big contribution and we are glad we get to play our part handsomely.

It was one of the most memorable journey, and a lot learning one specially. The challenges and their solutions, our dedication, Amal principals, and above all our love for Edhi Sahab was the reason we were able to pull this job. I am so proud of what I did and it is not because of our collection but to see that there is still something left in people that urges them to do something beyond expectations. I hope our efforts would bring something to foundation, if nothing.

Ps: This was a group blog written on behalf/experience of all the members of group 3, that includes Mahnoor Akbar, Muhammad Zareef Sajid, Azeem Younas , sumyya baig, Ammara Zulfiqar, Basit Ali @Sami Ullah @Muneeb Bin Muzamil



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