“Giving is not just about make a donation, it’s about making a difference”.

Kathy Calvin

It was a good experience for us to collect the fund from the people. 
At start, it was a very difficult for us to request people for donation because it was our first experience to go outside for fund raising.
We started our activity from Al-Fatah Mall Faisalabad. Some People ignored us which put negative effect on us, but we did’t gave up and continue our activity. Some people appreciated us due to our effort. These things increased our passion not to give up.

At Al-Fatah Mall. I’m behind the lens

We walked around Al-Fatah Mall and Kohinoor City and also visited shops one by one. Different people had different responses according to their mind and behavior, some people had harsh behavior. One women said that this method of fund raising is not good how we consider it whether it is real or fake and talked with us 3–4 minutes. We showed our official letter for Edhi Foundation but she was not satisfied. Some people had very polite behavior and gave us money immediately. we have faced all these things patiently.

Funny Moments During Fund Raising: One street beggar woman came to us and said give me some money and we said same to her, after looking at our faces she went away. After few minutes two beggar women was standing along the road, one of them knew us because of the last short meeting, but the second one did’t knew us and she came to us and said, “give me some money, I’m needy women”, meanwhile the the first one shouted out and said to her that, “they are also beggars”. 🙂

Solution: We faced many problems during fund raising. The solution is not so much difficult, it is quite easy that we have observed after this activity.
First of all we should be patient and face the criticism of people and be positive throughout the activity and keep on going and at last we want to say
Never Give Up.

We have collected 90000/- up till now and we will reach to 6 Figure,
In Sha Allah!



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