I have never done a volunteer work like collecting funds from people. I was really afraid that how shall I manage it all. First I thought I should work with the whole class but it was difficult for me to reach Lahore whenever they call for funds collection. As I am a final year student, a big problem for me was that my campus was out of city and it was difficult for me to travel. So I decided to collect funds from my campus. There was another fellow named Zunair who was also from my campus, I asked him that we should work together and raise fund for Abdul Sittar Edhi Foundation from our campus. He agreed with my idea.

We took a box of Edhi Foundation from Amal academy as every batch gets one. First challenge was to get permission from Campus coordinator, as raising funds for different organization is illegal in campus. So we wrote an application to Campus coordinator, Fortunately he accepted our application and appreciated as we are doing great work.

Donation Box

So after getting permission, we decided to get funds from our friends and hostel fellows first.

Most of the hostel students are very cooperative and they help each other. There are three hostels, first we went to juniors hostel, Here we faced some awkward situations.Most of them donated but there were few who made lame excuses and some of them simply said “NO”. We were not expecting such behaviors from them. There was a fellow from another batch of Amal academy who has started collecting funds before us but he didn’t have official authority so he just covered his hostel. So we had the opportunity to collect funds from my hostel. Zunair decided to collect funds from friends of him from his hostel.

After dinner I decided to collect funds by my own.I was really passionate to raise funds. One of my friend named Tanveer told me that he also wants to come with me. So we went to every room of our hostel, here I get a positive response as compared to juniors hostel, everyone was contributing although there were some exceptions. That was my first day.

Collecting Funds from Hostel

Next day was tough for me as I was going to raise funds from university. I was very reluctant in talking with strangers especially girls; it was big challenge for me to ask girls for funds.

The first challenge I faced that day was security head stopped me, I showed him authority letter but he asked why you have not submitted a copy of it to us, we are going to take a strict action against you. I apologized to him and told him that it is my first time I was not aware that I have to submit authority letter copy to security office also. After some arguments, He allowed to me raise funding in campus.

My friend Tanveer also joined me today again. Therefore, we stopped every student we see in our way and asked them for funds. My friend and I went to different departments and asked teachers to donate. Some teachers said we would donate later. We spent few hours in collecting funds. I had a problem of remembering face of people so I asked Tanveer your duty is to remember face and rest of the work is up to me. However, some time we faced a situation where we went to person who had already donated. After collecting funds, I observed that girls are generous in donations as compared to boys.

Although I got some failures but I have learnt a lot. However it was really a great experience for me.I follow the Amal academy teaching that

Just Start and let the work teach you



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