My mother spends her entire pension on medicine. If it wasn’t me, she would have no chance to survive, because my father died when I was one year old. My mother no longer getting married because she devoted herself to her only son, and because of her chronic illness.

The lack of quality primary care and the scarcity and uneven distribution of quality medical resources have long been the source of structural weaknesses of healthcare in developing countries. My father died because of it.

Now I will do my best to find a cure for her debilitating disease. This desire led me to the threshold of the world’s largest venture capital fund, to present our initiative DAYS Healthy-Wealthy sharing platform.

Monthly spendings of the diabetic patient.

The diabetic patient monthly spendings are more than $800.

This is only spendings on the one thing that keeps the diabetic patient alive, insulin. These 3 vials last for 30 days. USA patients have to keep doing so until they reach their max out of pocket which is $7,000. Keep in mind they DO have health insurance!

Now the world economy is at a critical juncture, and the well-being of humankind is at stake. Nowadays, the population incomes, the pension system and health insurance issues are the most vulnerable questions that affect people around the globe.

How DAYS sharing economy is to solve this vital problem?

The DAYS started AI driven transformation of several healthcare related domains: the industry of healthy lifestyle, medicine, nutrition, medical insurance, life insurance. DAYS will offer timely and propitious solutions to the aforesaid issues, providing the beneficiaries with the universal basic income related to medical care.«Medical Universal Basic Income»

This concept of Conditional Basic Income was presented at Davos

DAYS values.

We believe that in addition to efforts to combat lethal diseases, it is necessary to study the deeper causes behind the rapid deterioration of health with age. The existence of ageless animals, as well as the mechanisms of accelerated aging convincingly speaks for the extreme importance of such studies.

Our Longevity Impact Forum Initiative Group, urge international movie and sports stars join our project on 4P medicine and anti-aging research fundraising, with a maximum possible efforts. The Longevity Impact Forum Mission and Values were presented in April 2018 at DAYS Oxford Conference

The biggest fund is the first in our area!

I was invited to negotiate with SoftBank Group, the ways of supporting DAYS initiatives.

Good doctor.

“Ping An Good Doctor’s AI healthcare technology is the most advanced in the world.” This is why DAYS will collaborate with them.

SoftBank invested in the pioneer in the PRC Internet healthcare market and operate the largest Internet healthcare platform in terms of average MAUs and daily average online consultations

Ping An Good Doctor has built a medical service network to cooperate with hundreds of well-known hospitals covering nearly 10 countries and regions including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and Singapore.

Switzerland based operator of DAYS sharing platform will collaborate with Ping An and Soft Bank, in order to make



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