We are SO excited and blessed to be working with youth at Patrick Henry High School in North Minneapolis!

The students are engaged and learning, hopefully in a few weeks we will be able to share their websites with you.

Regardless, we feel we have a program, and curriculum, with incredible potential for success.

What it needs now is more iterations.

Our Goal

To train, and subsequently employ, eight new coding teachers.

Teachers-in-training will spend the first four-weeks completing paid-training 16 hours per week.

After this, they will either work or co-teach for 20 hours per week until classes begin in the fall at which time they will begin teaching classes of their own.

The Plan

To identify 2–3 other organizations willing to collaborate in a request for grant funding to train individuals from their community.

Monies will provide for paid-training along with “free” summer coding classes at participating organizations.

If your organization is interested please reach out via email at info@screamfreely.org.

The Cost

Each teacher-in-training will be compensated at a rate of $20 per hour.

For the first four weeks they will be training 16 hours per week, and afterwards they will be working for 20 hours per week.

Funding will provide for 4 weeks of training, and 8 weeks of work, totaling $4,480. We round this up to $5,000 for simplicity.

The instructor for the first 4 weeks is paid $25 per hour, totaling $1600. For the remainder of the program the instructor will be compensated 10 hours per week, totaling $2000.

The final cost of the program is approximately $50,000 (in grant funding.)

The additional funds being needed to purchase laptops and for administrative labor to coordinate the program, and additional classes.

To learn more about our classes visit https://www.screamfreely.org/coding-classes.

Thank you to everyone who makes this work possible!

And for those interested in collaborating, we are super excited to meet you!




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