Between #GivingTuesday, fundraising galas, last-minute donations, and annual appeals, the end of the year can be incredibly difficult to navigate for nonprofits. But, it is by far the most important time of the year for fundraising. This webinar run by Give Lively’s Brooke Currence and Molly Trerotola is designed to help your nonprofit take full advantage of the end-of-year fundraising rush, improve your online fundraising strategy, and surpass your goals with actionable and digestible tips and tricks. During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why a year-end fundraising push is so important
  • Building a multi-dimensional campaign in one week or less
  • Leveraging innovative technology without breaking your bank
  • How to engage with donors via different channels (i.e., email and social media)

Click here and type in your name to watch the webinar. Enjoy!

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