Here at Pozible we have so many amazing campaigns running each month. This year the Pozi team are going to look back on each month and choosing one of our favourites to feature.

To kick off 2019, we had 46 incredible and diverse campaigns launch in January. Let’s have a look at which of these campaigns made our #PoziPicks!

Gemma’s #PoziPick — Sweater Curse

I think my favourite project that closed in January was Sweater Curse’s vinyl pre-sale campaign.

I love seeing musicians using Pozible as a tool to presell merch (particularly vinyl) because it’s a safe way to gage how much to make. Sweater Curse are also a really great band — everyone should check them out!

Tracy’s #PoziPick — Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

I am a theatre lover and have a background in theatre so I’m not ashamed to say I’m biased when it comes to these campaigns.

‘Mr Burns, a post-electric play’ from Lightning Jar Theatre was definitely one of my favourite theatre campaigns that we’ve had here on Pozible. They had an excellent pitch video, images, rewards and really fun socials posts to boot. Not to mention their $50 reward offered a threatening letter from Sideshow Bob written in fake blood which is all kinds of brilliant 😂

Alan’s #PoziPick — The Kiwi Lindy Exchange

I love seeing a campaign that’s quite creative and practical with the rewards on offer.

The concept for the ‘Kiwi Lindy Exchange’ was basically selling tour packages for a week long swing dance tour of New Zealand. They ended up selling out their tickets with an incredible total of $36,870 being raised!

Rizky’s #PoziPick — Gazed Upon Lake Pedder

I thought this campaign was pretty cool in the way it mixed a bit of old school with a current issue.

You don’t see tin type photographs everyday so it was interesting to see this vintage form of photography have a bit of a resurgence.



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