If Sophia, Owen and Marshall are any indication of the future generation, then we’re in good hands. They’re a group of friends from California. They go to the same middle school, and they have the same mission in mind: raise $50,000 for Pencils of Promise to build a school and support the programs that increase educational opportunities for children in Ghana. We thought it sounded ambitious, too. But Sophia, Owen and Marshall are proving themselves as some of our most dedicated supporters.

In July 2016, the trio had already raised $25,000! They’re moving forward and making strides to meet the remaining half of their goal.

The three shared with us their view on education and why it is so important to them. “Education is a way to learn a wide variety of topics, and most of all, a mechanism for growth as students and as people. It means so much to us. It allows us to be able to communicate with others and explore the world around us. We also can gain skills to use in life through education.”

We consider ourselves lucky to have such thoughtful supporters like Sophia, Owen and Marshall, who are working for the greater good of the world. Even at such a young age, the three friends are finding creative ways to engage their community—through lemonade sales and sporting activities, they’re encouraging others to support Pencils of Promise. If you’re as moved as we are by this story, check out their fundraising page and help them reach their goal!



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