Blurring the Lines

With all of the similarities already present both for-profit organizations and NPOs, both are being pushed to be even more like each other. For NPOs, they, like for-profits, also have limited resources, that in order to continue operating, they need to sustain these resources. With the market for NPOs becoming more and more competitive with the creation of new NPOs every day, NPOs are encouraged to adopt business models similar to for-profit organizations. The idea of a hybrid business model is the suggested model for many NPOs now as it is the perfect balance between accomplishing their social mission as well as reaching a desired commercial enterprise to keep their organization afloat.

For for-profit organizations, they have begun to adopt corporate social responsibility. This idea of a corporate social responsibility or obtaining a triple bottom line aligns with the idea that you can’t do business on a dead planet. The triple bottom line is an accounting framework that both corporations and companies are looked to use as it looks at a three dimensional measure of performance. The three dimensions of performance that are included in the triple bottom line look at social, environmental and financial performance. With this framework in mind many companies are aiming to meet each aspect of the triple bottom line through acts of giving and sustainability.

In 2012 a way for both nonprofits and for-profits to work towards becoming more like each other was birthed. #GivingTuesday was the global movement that began in New York in 2012. It brings together over 30,000 organizations to utilize the power of social media and generosity to bring about real world change locally, regionally and worldwide. This movement brings a platform to encourage and support people in the donation of their resources as well as time and abilities to take on humanitarian causes that appeal to the giver. Families, friends, faith based organizations, and NPOs, as well as corporations large and small can come together with united strength to facilitate real change in many ways throughout the world. This year many large corporations participated in Giving Tuesday such as Microsoft, eBay and CVS Health.

The motivation behind #GivingTuesday is to begin the holiday season with putting towards others and the things that affect them before become immersed in the hustle and bustle of the time of year. Taking the time to engage in a realistic way of making a change for someone else completes a sense of gratefulness and giving at a time when these things as the very foundation of the season are easily forgotten. The giving through this platform unites as one global unit and makes all better as we work together. Following the tradition of naming specific days during the season i.e. Black Friday, Cyber Monday; Giving Tuesday takes the emphasis to a higher level by encouraging us to look to where we can make a positive change in the world with our time, effort, or funding. The movement is facilitated through the internet with the website where anyone can find a way to give in many ways.



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