This is a proud and public announcement! After months of work, an overheating red telephone line between Berlin and Greece — where Plan A’s wonder developers are based — and 8,653 boxes of salty and sugary snacks, the first data-driven crowdfunding platform in the fight against climate change has become a tangible reality. With more than 50 climate action projects in 80 countries and across all themes of climate change, there is no simpler way to have a global impact than to give to one of our partner projects. Explore the globe, pick a fight, support it.

Take me to Projects now!

We are proud and honoured by all of our partner Non-Governmental Organisations doing the most outstanding job sometimes in the hardest conditions. These organisations and these individuals are taking climate problems and transforming them into solutions, find innovations that bit-by-bit, project by project, build the future for all of us.

Six Climate Action Themes for one Clear Target

Our six themes, Oceans, Forests, Wildlife, Sustainable Energy, Waste Management and Sustainable Living are there to help you navigate the climate change wide-ranging and long list of consequences — and opportunities. There are many problems to solve, but each of these can be met with not one but many solutions. We need all hands on deck and the highest level of motivation from everybody on the good guys’ team. It starts today. Actually, that’s yesterday.

What’s more, learn more about each country’s particular climate profile of challenges and natural treasures. This atlas of climate change ambitions to map out and understand the deep causes of climate change locally, and provide a basis for solutions across the world to sprout. And sprout they will if they are financed, publicised and supported.

Climate Projects that Hit the Target

We believe that funds not only need to be gathered, but it needs to be channelled in the right places and to the right people at the heart of the fight against climate change.

Explore your planet

Our predictive algorithm has produced a list of countries where and how climate change is going to hit the hardest. We have decided to give these countries an early start and focus to gather projects and funds there, where the change has been most visible and most violent. Each project on Plan A is on the frontline of climate change, helping the people that need it the most, acting in the places that need it the most.

The organisations that work in partnership with Plan A have been reviewed by a careful selection process. Transparency is as key to you as it is to Plan A. The point of our mission is to bring together the best of all sectors of society, bridging the gap between NGOs, businesses and the people.

It’s now up to you. Run to to find live projects tackling all aspects of climate change. The sustainable transition is only going to intensify. We will make it happen, and one day, people will ask our generation when it is that we turned things around, and we’ll answer that it was somewhere between 2018 and 2019…



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