Once you’ve wrapped up your first crowdfunding campaign and your first batch of shipping is on the way, it is time to start planning your next step.

It may seem like the second campaign should be easier since you’ve had a good experience with the first. However, your campaign will only succeed when you go about it the right way. So — what does it take to operate a second crowdfunding campaign successfully? Before diving in, let’s discuss one crucial aspect that you have to consider.

As you move from campaign to campaign, what you’re actually doing is starting to build a brand. In order to build one that’s great, you must focus on feedback from your backers and use crowdfunding to test out the initial batch of products. This is actually a specific way to launch a new business. Therefore, when you take on the new campaign, be sure to put effort into your branding before you even launch.

How can you use your campaign to develop your brand?

  1. To begin, choose a distinctive logo and company name.
  2. Make a dedicated website and social media profiles.
  3. Use Messenger or a contact form so existing customers and potential backers can easily reach you.
  4. Add creative packaging to your products so they stand out.

Once your brand profile is in place, you’ll have a strong foundation to create a second crowdfunding campaign. After that, you can follow these crucial six steps:

Get a head start on your pre-launch promotion

Come up with a proper promotion workflow and begin ads months prior to launching your second campaign. Make sure your contacts know what’s going on and spend time getting the word out across forums like Kickstarter, Quora, and Reddit so other people can find out about your campaign launch.

Spread the word by sending newsletters to your previous backers

Use the list of backers you gathered from your previous campaign to your benefit. Since you already have some residual subscribers, make the most of them by sending newsletters every two weeks. This gives you a chance to provide updates about your upcoming campaign.

Regularly promote on social media

Use your existing profiles from your first campaign to capitalize on the followers you already have and establish your brand even further. Offer discounts and giveaways, provide updates, and more to get your followers excited about your upcoming campaign.

Reward previous backers with referral discounts

Your previous backers are more likely to spread the news about your new campaign if you offer them referral discounts for your second one. In addition to getting the word out about your new campaign, they may also pledge again.

Use your old campaign page as a landing page for your new one

Provide a link to your new campaign so interested backers can easily find you. By highlighting your new campaign, you can draw traffic from your old page and make your second campaign more visible.

Mention the highlights from your previous campaign on your new page

Be sure to include a blurb about your previous campaign and how you got to this point. This builds credibility with potential backers who are hearing about you for the first time.

It’s vital to make the most out of your second campaign by having a product that’s better than the last one. There’s no point in launching a second campaign until your product has become a worthy version 2.0.



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