We all deal with struggles in our daily lives, and this month’s choices for crowdfunding picks showcase the day-to-day struggles women face. From a very real fight against privilege, to a satirical look at men taking credit for women’s actions, this month’s picks showcase women struggling with identity, their pasts, and their futures.

“Privilege Unhinged” tackles racism in the workplace through the eyes of a young, black professional who must face problematic colleagues after reaching her limits dealing with unequal treatment in the workplace. “Let Go” is a sombre tale about the struggle of letting go of a past relationship, regardless of how important it was to you. And “Guard” shows a woman struggle with her past as she steps into the boxing ring.

Of course, there’s a little humor thrown in here as well. “Murderer on the Loose Leaf” is a dark comedy about a female murderer who becomes furious that the press continues pins the blame on her crimes on men. Through the lens of satire, it explores how women have endured the struggle of men claiming their accomplishments for themselves.

These are this month’s picks for women-centric and created crowdfunding projects.

“Privilege Unhinged” — Directed by Lande Yoosef

“Privilege Unhinged”

Racism in the workplace has become a hot button issue, especially in the week following the election of Donald Trump. Lande Yoosef’s film, about a young professional who finally wants to stand up to her boss and change the treatment she deals with at work, could not come at a more timely time. “The collective fear of society to address racism negatively impacts people’s lives,” Yoosef writes on the film’s Indiegogo page. “I feel a responsibility to make this film.” You can support the film on Indiegogo here.

“Let Go” — Directed by Chelsea Wingo

Some friendships are meant to last a lifetime; others are not. The struggle of realizing a relationship is not what it once was is at the heart of “Let Go,” Chelsea Wingo’s short film inspired by true events. When two different high school friends — introvert Katie and party girl Briana — reunite, the reunion makes them question whether to cling to the past or to start again afresh.

You can support the film on Indiegogo here.

“Guard ” — Written by Bronagh Taggart

A strained relationship between a woman and her father, and their struggle to reconnect, sets the emotional backdrop for a film about a female boxer. Katie (Bronagh Taggart) has been training on her own for fifteen years, but her father’s return shakes up her routine. As he coaches her inside the ring, the two must try to lower their guards down outside it and try to mend their broken relationship.

You can support the film on Indiegogo here.

“Murderer on the Loose Leaf” — Written and Directed by Mari Patterson

“Murderer on the Loose Leaf”

Lucy Killimen has a very interesting hobby: by day she’s a reporter, by night a serial killer. However, she soon finds herself seeking more recognition when the press pins the crimes on a male killer. Writer-director Mari Patterson says the film is “is a dark comedy-satire that sends a message to women that they can do anything if they have the drive and if they’re willing to work for it. It also reinforces the important message that women are all on the same team.”

You can support the film on Indiegogo here.



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