SynapseCoin — The crowdfunding market or global collective funding system has developed since the last decade. However, lately especially in 2018 crowdfunding systems have experienced many problems due to a lack of trust from employers, business people and investors caused by many cases of project failure. In addition to project failures, the most important thing is also the lack of regulations and legal legality in them, because there is no implementation of supervision of the government of each region.

SynapseCoin sees this opportunity and develops an innovative system where the platform provides all the needs of fundraisers, including; Technical solutions include smart contracts, marketing, including management advice and experience, all of which are carried out by a team of experts. In SynapseCoin, all project investors who use capital will be given incentives and protect them from projects that are not feasible by studying the potential of each project as well as getting expert analysis from expert advisors in their fields.

So. What Is SynapseCoin?

Synapsecoin is a collective funding system (or Crowdfunding) throughout the world that produces a transparent ecosystem. Various advantages and system services will be obtained when joining the SYNAPSECOIN community, investors, entrepreneurs and companies, and creating relationships that will benefit all parties.

The SYNAPSECOIN team builds an ecosystem that ensures makers and investors no longer have doubts and improve their projects. In addition, it gives users the highest standards of quality and safety.

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What Does SYNAPSECOIN Offer?

Some of the things offered by SynapseCoin are:

First, the Synapsecoin Platform presents project developer suggestions, support, and fundraising tools in the early stages of the project.

Second, this platform enables the development of two types of fundraising campaigns: Crowdfunding and Crowd investing.

Third, SYP as an exchange currency that will be used on the Synapsecoin platform.

The services provided in addition to the three above include:

First, PRE-ICO, it is important that the Synapsecoin platform offers project creators as advice, support, and fundraising tools in the early stages of the project. Advice for website creation, whitepaper, marketing, legal fields, etc.

Second, ICO. The point is that Synapsecoin will make a smart contract for the project, which before setting it will establish the conditions between the maker and the platform. The amount of reclamation of these projects is required to exceed the value of USD 30,000.

Third, the services offered in the form of Crowdinvesting, i.e. or project profitability (or ROI), in this type of financing, have the following characteristics; When the pool reaches more than USD 30,000, it will be necessary to make tokens and carry out ICO campaigns for the pool. At this stage, investors not only receive promises but also tokens that will support their investment, as long as the company’s lifetime.

Fourth, Crowdfunding services namely project for capitalization. This type of financing has the following characteristics; SYNAPSECOIN will assume an advance in the form of a bonus that is in accordance with each creator for the investment made.

SynapseCoin Ecosystem

Sales Schedule for SynapseCoin

Token Description

The SynapseCoin Token is based on the ERC20 protocol, namely the Ethereum smart contract. This is the main feature that allows the highest level of security and privacy for users. SYP is the only exchange currency, both received as a form of investment and other crypto exchange fees. The SYP token purchase will be via Ethereum (ETHER).


Symbol: SYP

ERC20 decimal standard: 18

Token Role: Utility Token

Token Use: Exchange of cryptocurrency on the platform

Total suply: 990.000.000 SYP

Funds assigned: 495.000.000 (50% SYP of total sales)

Token Distribution: 495.000.000

Sales Period:December 1 2018 UTC 12:00 AM until March 10 2019 UTC 11.59 PM

Tokens available for sale: 495.000.000 SYP

Contract: 0x7853a395abf4aac78e69ed9f7b93238a44b0f017

Softcap / Minimum Goal: If the project fails to collect 3,000,000 USD, the funds will be returned to the contributor minus the transaction costs

Hardcap / Max Goal: 12.000.000 USD


Compatibility Wallet: Myetherwallet (recomended), Metamask

SynapseCoin, which is a global ecosystem, serves crowdfunding to contribute to restoring the health of global ICO activities so that the world of cryptocurrency will again triumph and gain investor confidence again. Hopefully with the presence of innovation SynapseCoin can enlighten various ICO activities in particular and cryptocurrency.

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