Cubbit has launched their Kickstarter campaign to bring its distributed cloud storage device to the market, which will enable you to store data free of charge. Cubbit offers nearly the same user experience as Dropbox, but runs on a distributed data center made up of Cells (nodes). Users simply connect the Cell to a router, which then becomes attached to the p2p network and 1Tb of storage becomes immediately available.

Cubbit is a cloud storage service that runs on a distributed center made up of Cells, allowing you to store up to 4Gb of data just by connecting any USB hard drive. (📷: Cubbit)

If more storage is needed, you can connect several USB-based hard drives, which become part of the distributed cloud. For every 2Gb of physical storage, 1Gb is accredited to your account. Up to 4Tb can be allocated via each Cell, and each Cell can be stacked together for as much storage as you need, and all of it free with no monthly subscription. What’s more, each Cell provides four independent accounts that can be shared (or not) with others, each with their own files and folders.

“Cubbit is not a NAS.” (📷: Cubbit)

On the hardware side, the Cubbit Cell packs a dual-core Arm Cortex-A53 processor (up to 1.2GHz), 512Mb or 1Gb of DDR4 RAM, a USB 3 port, and an Ethernet port. Security is handled with AES-256 encryption and uploaded files are split into dozens of chunks with each piece distributed across the network of Cells, so your data remains safe and secure.

Cubbit claims their architecture is 10 times ‘greener’ over traditional cloud services that host data on servers, which operate 24/7 and need to be cooled to maintain stable function. The startup also states that since their Cell Distributed Cloud Storage is handled by everyone that use the p2p service, the world saves 100-tons of CO2 a year for every terabyte. For every 4Tb used, Cubbit saves the same amount of energy consumed by a standard refrigerator. The Cubbit Cell is now available with pledges starting at $340 and up.



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