Tokenize collaboration with BANSEA

Tokenize is proud to announce the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BANSEA! BANSEA is also known as The Business Angel Network of Southeast Asia.

Tokenize is a Singapore Cryptocurrency Exchange that has been live since February 2018. Other than having a simple and user-friendly interface, Tokenize also offers vast options for trading in the form of Fiat-Crypto and Crypto-Crypto trading pairs for established cryptocurrencies as well as emerging ones (ICO) via our IEO Platform.

BANSEA is a leading angel investment network promoting the development of the angel investment community in Southeast Asia through educational conferences, workshops, research, networking with angel groups worldwide, contributing to improving the environment and corporate governance system for angel investing, and facilitating the matching of early-stage companies with angel investors.

This strategic collaboration between Tokenize and BANSEA strives to bridge the gap between reputable blockchain projects and investors by providing an IEO platform. Tokenize will be setting the stage as a platform in ensuring the reputable blockchain projects are listed on the IEO platform while BANSEA will serve as an intermediary between Tokenize Xchange and blockchain projects by assisting the projects to be listed on Tokenize Xchange IEO platform.



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