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Welcome to SuccessFund — the platform for those who compete to win! This is the district endorsed way for coaches to get fundraising approval and raise money for teams, tournaments, equipment, and simply put — student athlete success. Let’s begin with 4 simple things you can do today to get started.

Photo by Sandro Schuh on Unsplash

1 — Sign up. For security purposes, SuccessFund is by invitation only. If you do not have a district email address, you’ll need an invitation to join. Invitations are issued by District SuccessFund Administrators. If you need help getting an invite you can reach out to your District Administrator, School Principal, or to the SuccessFund Team and we’ll get you going.

2 — Draft a campaign. Now that you’re in, your first step is to draft a fundraising campaign by clicking on +Campaign. The wizard is short and sweet. Whether or not you plan to use SuccessFund’s online payment tools (to accept venmo, apple pay, etc), you still need to draft a campaign detailing your fundraiser to submit for approval.

3 — Submit for approval. Once your campaign draft is ready, submit it to your principal for approval. Approvals are quick and easy — so if you don’t hear back soon feel free to send a friendly nudge. Once your approval comes through, you are good to go!

4 — Go Live! With an approval under your belt, it’s game time! Go live with your campaign and begin sharing the link to start accepting donations. You’ll be notified as donations come through — Let that adrenaline flow!

Don’t forget to check out our top 3 tips for launching your SuccessFund campaign.

Thank you for joining, and please chat with our team if there is anything we can do to help. All our best!



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