Cryptocurrency payment and smart contract implementa2on purchase payment in WhiteMoney is conducted directly and without any middleman involved, in any convenient currency. The smart contract implementa2on and the use of blockchain makes the transac2ons as safe and fast as possible. The smart contract transfers the money to the seller’s account only when the item has reached its des2na2on. So the customer pays only a`er receiving the product, which increases his or her confidence in the service and makes online shopping more feasible. Openness and transparency maintenance

● Transac2on transparency ensured by the blockchain technology

● Honest customer reviews — only customers who actually bought an item (with a confirmed transac2on) will be able to comment on their customer experience

● Token holders will get an access to the open-source sta2s2cs with real-2me publica2on of important metrics of business processes and the plaMorm development dynamics: purchases, the number of ac2ve stores and visitors, average receipt amount etc.



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