Hello everyone from a coffee shop, Here we are again with some amazing ideas from my brain to the world. Hello world! Alright so it seems so interesting with how all the recession fears faded away so fast, this is in direct relation with the stock market “extravagant exuberance “ . The ball has been rolling for some time now and has picked up some junk along the way. Some of this junk is GE is bigger scheme than Madoff, Bonds hitting record low, Argentina stock market collapse 38% in one day, etc. Yes all this is one giant ball that has grown quite a bit.

Lets look at the charts:

The Yuan has played out its consolidation and I think it is under way for a continued move higher this week. How fast will this move up IDK but it still looks ready for the higher play-out, I wonder if this move higher will spoke the markets again.

Here is the chart of the YEN, this moving averages are acting as dynamic support and watching next week for the continued move higher! This is yet another currency pair looking for action!

Here is gold stock company Newmont Mining, This stock appears to be coiling with a triangle formation and leading me to believe the move higher in gold/silver physical and stocks will continue higher. Let me also not forget to tell you that all safe haven plays are working out nicely!

Alright everyone as always good trading!



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